Communications and Community Engagement

  •  Mission Statement:
    The mission of the DVUSD Communications and Community Engagement Department is to provide information and outstanding customer service to all stakeholders.

Department Contacts

Monica Allread 623-445-5011 Position: Director
Tracy Nelson 623-445-5010 Position: Secretary
Sally Kerr 623-445-5039 Position: Clerk (Temp)
  • Monica Allread

    Monica Allread
  • Responsibilities:
    Communications and Community Engagement (CCE) utilizes a variety of internal and external communication strategies for all stakeholders. Below is a list of functions that the Communications Department oversees for the District.
    CCE oversees content and design for this District website, as well as providing support, training, and additional content for the 38 DVUSD school websites.
    Publications, both printed and digital, are received by all DVUSD key stakeholders, including parents, community members, teachers and staff, and business and community partners. Parents receive bi-monthly "Parent eNews" emails with important information for parents and guardians. Community Members receive the "Report to the Community" each year, which provides a financial update and Bond project management information. Staff receive a bi-weekly eNewsletter with district-wide academic information, budget and financial updates, and student and staff recognition. Business & Community Partners receive quarterly eNewsletters containing the latest District information and opportunities to partner with the District and schools.

    Social Media
    Social media is here to stay and Deer Valley is taking advantage of this new way to communicate by maintaining a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Like us on Facebook or receive tweets from Twitter for uplifting and important district and school news. Don’t attend board meetings? Read postings about budget, programs, new principals, and more!
    Electronic communications adds a powerful new channel that can result in far more meaningful communications tailored to the nature of your particular audience. The district interacts with its various stakeholders differently - employees, board members, customers, partners and others - depending upon the nature of the message.
    For an organization to grow, it must build strong customer relationships. CCE uses effective integrated marketing through advertising, event outreach, and publicity to share the successes of our DVUSD schools. 

    Media Relations
    In an effort to create a unified voice for all district communications, it is important that all media efforts be coordinated through the Communications and Community Engagement Department. The media is a partner in sharing information about the District, schools, and educational goals. 

    Business & Community Partnerships
    The Deer Valley School District community and businesses are involved as partners in our education mission in different ways. Attend a quarterly Business Alliance Meeting to learn more about the district and opportunities to network with other community and business partners. For information on how you or your business can be involved please get information in the Business Community Network section or contact Communications and Community Engagement department at 623-445-5010.
    Special Events
    The Communications and Community Engagement Department oversees planning and logistical aspects of several special events, including:
    • College and Career Tours
      Each year, CCE assists the district in hosting a variety of college and career fairs for nearly 13,000 students in grades 8-12 and families interested in meeting with the experts for information about college options and career opportunities. Participating colleges, universities, employers, career and technical education organizations and DVUSD administrators and counselors are available for questions and appointments. These events include: The Tri-University Tour (August), The Private University Tour (September), High School to Career Expo (November), and Find your Career Tour (March).
    • Longevity Reception
      Employees who have been with the district for 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years are celebrated in April with a reception. Employees are recognized for their time and service by the Superintendent and Governing Board. Employees are presented with an anniversary pin and certificate.
    • Retiree Reception
      In education, the end of the school year marks graduation and the start of retirement for administrators, teachers and support staff. In May, employees that retire with the Deer Valley Retirement Program which requires 15 years of service are recognized for their dedication and hard work by the Superintendent and Governing Board. Retirees are presented with an award and certificate.
    • Groundbreaking & Dedication Ceremonies
      School groundbreaking ceremonies are usually planned a year ahead of the school opening and dedication. These ceremonies are an expression of optimism, hope for the future, and celebration. They are an opportunity to bring the community together in celebration of a new beginning and a chance to generate publicity and public awareness for a new school.
    Awards and Recognitions
    Deer Valley is an award-winning district and continues to celebrate our distinguished reputation for excellence in education. We challenge ourselves to go beyond our daily dedication to learning for all students. Meeting this challenge ensures each child’s success. Each year our students, faculty and staff are recognized at the state and national level. The strengths of a winning team are evidenced through these numerous accomplishments.
    Issues/Crisis Management Communications
    During a crisis schools face unusual demands which is why effective management of information to the community is vital. Therefore, at the time of a crisis it is very difficult for a school to organize an effective crisis intervention response and still maintain the required long-range perspective. Communications and Community Engagement work hand in hand with the Director of School Operations during a school incident or emergency to provide open communication with the community.