Ms. Abrahamson

Phone: 623-445-4343


Degrees and Certifications:

I have a dual major Bachelor's of Science Degree in general education and special education. I have endorsements in special education for Emotionally Handicapped and Learning Disabilities.

Ms. Abrahamson

I was born in Tacoma, Washington.  My family moved to Scottsdale, where I was raised, when I was 7.  I have 2 grown daughters and have recently become a grandma.  I enjoy reading, taking professional development classes to expand my teaching skills, take yoga classes, spending time outdoors and spending time with friends and family. 
 I have been a special education teacher for 35 years.  This will be my 14th year in the Deer Valley School District.  This is my first year at Mountain Shadows and I'm very excited to be working at a Leader in Me school.
  • I work with special education students in the areas of reading, written communication, math and behavior challenges. 

    In reading, we regularly work on applying phonics rules from 1-3 syllable words, so that students can learn how to decode words that they do not recognize.  We also work on Dolch sight words that students see continuously throughout their reading in all content areas.  Fluency is another important area we work on which incorporates phonics and sight word practice, as well as, voice intonation and responding to punctuation in students' reading.  With fluency practice we are trying to increase the students' word per minute reading rate and their accuracy when reading passages.  Comprehension activities are ongoing as we work with word recognition and fluency.  I use a visualizing technique that is supported by the district to increase students' ability to create a mental picture as they are reading. 

    During written communication time, we spend a good amount of time on spelling phonetically regular words and sight words that can be very tricky to spell as many of them don't follow phonics rules.  We also work on writing grammatically correct sentences that stay to the topic and are sequential in their telling.  This is very difficult for many students and needs a good amount of time to develop for many of our younger students.  When writing, students are taught and encouraged to set up a prewriting plan to organize their thinking and to assist with being sequential.  It is often difficult for students to take that information and turn it into sentences that have good detail, therefore we work on that almost daily.

    When servicing math needs, I support the grade level learning going on in the classroom that students are expected to learn.  As well, I work on skills that students haven't picked up from prior grade levels.  This tends to mostly be problem solving.  My students have difficulty choosing how to solve word problems.  We work mostly from a pictorial standpoint, first, that they are then able to use to choose how they are going to solve the problem.