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    We are in our 2nd Quarter of school and we have learned so much!!  Our goal is for the students to know all the letters and sounds in the alphabet.  We will now work on identifying the beginning, middle and ending sounds in words and blending sounds to read words independently! 

    This quarter in math our students are working on identifying flat and solid shapes and measuring attributes of objects.  Our mathmeticians have been busy recording their learning in their math journals!  Ask your child about shapes and measuring at home.                                            



    Daily Specials - Fairview Elementary School

    Monday - Music

    Tuesday - PE

    Wednesday - Music

    Thursday - PE

    Friday -Music

    *On PE days please have your child wear appropriate shoes (tennis shoes). 


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    On the first day of school I will give each student a school folder.  Please check this folder for important information about Paseo Hills.  There will also be 3 papers that you will need to sign and return. Please send the school folder to school each day.