• The following is a list of Sunset Ridge staff, their email addresses, and phone numbers [for teacher webpages, please go to the grade level department pages].
    To call somebody directly, you will first dial (623) 445- and then the listed extension below. Note that if you are calling a classroom teacher during school hours, your call will go directly to voice mail, if it is an urgent issue, please call the front office.
Name Title Department / Area Email Phone Extension
EL Coordinator English Language Learning x7822
Bartel, Nichole Service Coordinator Student Support Services nichole.bartel@dvusd.org x7873
Blaine, Lori ELA Teacher 6th Grade lori.blaine@dvusd.org x7868
Bowman, Sean Social Studies Teacher 8th Grade sean.bowman@dvusd.org 57862
Caruso, Kim Teacher 2nd Grade kim.caruso@dvusd.org x7839
Cheney, Carmen Service Coordinator Student Support Services carmen.cheney@dvusd.org x7856
Chitwood, Vicki Registrar Support Staff vicki.chitwood@dvusd.org x7806
Clarkson, Christine Math Teacher 8th Grade christine.clarkson@dvusd.org x7863
Clayton, Cadi Teacher Developmental Pre-K cadi.clayton@dvusd.org x7832
Coiro, Vicki Sage Teacher Gifted Services vicki.coiro@dvusd.org x7857
Coulter, Chris Social Studies Teacher 7th Grade chris.coulter@dvusd.org x7859
Craig, Laura Nurse Support Staff laura.craig@dvusd.org x7811
Creamer, Tracy Math Teacher 5th Grade tracy.creamer@dvusd.org x7874
Cusson, Shannon ELA Teacher 5th Grade shannon.cusson@dvusd.org x7871
Denk, Debbie Teacher Pre-Kinder debbie.denk@dvusd.org 7830
Denton, John Music Teacher Special Areas john.denton@dvusd.org x7878
Douglas-Salisbury, Courtenay Counselor Support Staff courtenay.douglas-salisbury@dvusd.org x7817
Elitzak, Michelle Teacher 1st Grade michelle.elitzak@dvusd.org x7845
Fagan, Regina Art Teacher Special Areas regina.fagan@dvusd.org x7846
Friedberg, Stacy Teacher 4th Grade stacy.friedberg@dvusd.org x7852
Fusco, Jennifer Principal's Secretary Support Staff jennifer.fusco@dvusd.org x7804
George, Joann Speech Pathologist Student Support Services jann.george@dvusd.org x7833
Gottlieb, Kathy Teacher 3rd grade katherine.gottlieb@dvusd.org x7848
Grossman, Millie Cafeteria Manager Support Staff milagros.grossman@dvusd.org x7814
Hartley, Gaylynne Math Teacher 6th Grade gaylynne.hartley@dvusd.org x7867
Hauck, Cassie Principal Administration cassie.hauck@dvusd.org x7804
Hauser, Tricia Reading Specialist Student Support Services tricia.hauser@dvusd.org x7843
Hunter, Karen Social Studies Teacher 7th Grade karen.hunter@dvusd.org x7859
Jacobs, Joni Math Teacher 7th Grade joni.jacobs@dvusd.org x7825
Jenkins, Cari Language Arts Teacher 7th Grade carilynn.jenkins@dvusd.org x7860
Johnson, Shelby Science/SS Teacher 6th Grade shelby.johnson@dvusd.org
Killman, Harley Service Coordinator Student Support Services harley.killman@dvusd.org x7835
Killman, Jeneil Teacher 3rd Grade jeneil.killman@dvusd.org x7850
Kirsch, Anne Accounting Clerk Support Staff anne.kirsch@dvusd.org x7805
Kunz, Caryn Band Teacher Special Areas caryn.kunz@dvusd.org x7877
Leubner, Kimberly Teacher 1st Grade kimberly.leubner@dvusd.org x7837
LoDolce, Kippi SpEd Strategist Student Support Services kippi.lodolce@dvusd.org x7801
Lopez (Hawkins), Devon Teacher 4th Grade devon.lopez@dvusd.org x7854
Lucas, Becca PE Teacher Special Areas becca.lucas@dvusd.org x7841
Macevicius,Colleen Teacher Kindergarten colleen.macevicius@dvusd.org x7837
Milks, Theresa Assistant Principal Administration theresa.milks@dvusd.org x7802
Monestime, Shelly Teacher Developmental Pre-K shelly.monestime@dvusd.org x7831
Moore, Chandler Teacher Kindergarten chandler.moore@dvusd.org x7834
Niskala, Melissa Art Exploratory Teacher Special Areas melissa.niskala@dvusd.org x7865
Orr, Michelle Service Coordinator Student Support Services michelle.orr@dvusd.org x7800
Peterson, Christine K Service Coordinator Student Support Services christine.k.peterson@dvusd.org x7870
Rodriguez, Beth Teacher 4th Grade beth.rodriguez@dvusd.org x7855
Sanchez, Nicholas Science Teacher 7th Grade nicholas.sanchez@dvusd.org x7858
Schleicher, Chad Program Director Before/After School Care chad.schleicher@dvusd.org x7888
Scragg, Mishelle Teacher 2nd Grade mishelle.scragg@dvusd.org x7824
Shatalova, Nadia Speech-Language Pathologist Student Support Services nadia.shatalova@dvusd.org x7833
Spak, Jeanne Teacher Kindergarten jeanne.spak@dvusd.org x7836
Strauss, Paul Science Teacher 8th Grade paul.strauss@dvusd.org x7861
Sundby, Allison Teacher 1st Grade allison.sundby@dvusd.org x7842
Swick, Richard Plant Foreman Support Staff richard.swick@dvusd.org x7815
Tewers, Jessica Teacher 1st Grade jessica.tewers@dvusd.org x7837
Thirsk, Trevor PE Teacher Special Areas trevor.thirsk@dvusd.org x7840
Thomas, Tisa Media Center Aide Support Staff tisa.thomas@dvusd.org x7813
Troftgruben, Sara Teacher 2nd Grade sara.troftgruben@dvusd.org x7838
Ulm, Malinda Psychologist Student Support Services malinda.ulm@dvusd.org x7820
Valdez, Brittany Service Coordinator Student Support Services brittany.valdez@dvusd.org x7897
Wilding, Stephen Sci/SS Teacher 5th Grade stephen.wilding@dvusd.org x7872
Wojciechowski, Ally Language Arts Teacher 8th Grade ally.wojciechowski@dvusd.org x7864
Zanzucchi, Joseph Teacher 3rd Grade joe.zanzucchi@dvusd.org x7852