Exploring our sense of sight!

    In English Language Arts, sight words 'have' and 'is' will be introduced. During phonics, we will learn about initial/medial Aa. Comparing/contrasting will be our focus comprehension skill as we read our nonfiction text, 'Flowers'. 
    In Math, we will continue Module 1 (Counting and Cardinality). We will practice 1 to 1 correspondence, counting the 'kindergarten' way, number flashes using ten frames and our fingers, and correct identification/number formation. Ask your child about his/her favorite math station. Don't forget to practice counting each day at home! Our goal is to count to 100...starting from any number.
    During STEM, we will continue exploring our 5 Senses as we engineer noise makers.
    During Social Studies, we will conclude, 'My Community' unit as we learn about different kinds of neighborhoods people live in (rural, city, suburban), different places in our community and why they are important, community helpers, why people work, wants and needs, and how we can help in our community.
    **You may begin sending in the October STEM donations at any time....thank you!
    **Hurricane Dorian Collection-
    September 18th-October 2nd
    Thank you for your generous donations.
            Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels -

     Please collect Box Tops for NEHS/NJHS events and activities. First collection due-October 18th.

    We are asking for your help to make our task of counting the collections easier. When collecting your Box Tops, please keep them in separate plastic baggies or envelopes. Before sending in your collection, it would be greatly appreciated if you count the number to be donated and write that number on the baggie or envelope. The maximum number to be placed in a single bag or envelope is 50.  Thank you!