• congratulations to our winners! 1st place in deer valley unified school district!


    Congratulations to the winning team of the Battle of the Books Deer Valley District Battle: The Three Burnt Book Pages! Alice Dueling, Sage Davlin, and Audrey Zimmerman, fifth-grade students from Desert Mountain School in Desert Hills, admirably surpassed expectations by achieving a flawless score during their performance!

    They would come to the library to practice and study during lunches, spend hours on the phone quizzing each other after school and stayed up late reading almost every night. These girls really put in the work to achieve their goals, and they are looking forward to being victorious again at next years battle!

    Thoughts from the girls: Our drive stemmed from knowing we had an equal shot at winning, but we chose to put in more effort. Despite feeling daunted by our rivals, we focused on giving our best and enjoying the process. We meticulously analyzed and studied practice questions, pushing ourselves by creating tougher ones to test each other. During lunch breaks, we gathered to practice and quiz each other, dedicating our personal time outside of school to read, practice, and get ready. Instead of seeing it as a task, we viewed it as something to anticipate with excitement.

    Following the competition the Deer Valley education generously donates books to each participating school’s library based on the number of students participating at each school.

    To date, the Deer Valley Education Foundation has donated more than 24 thousand books to DVUSD libraries! 







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