Mrs. Vicki Willson

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Mrs. Vicki Willson


       Well, here I am again, my 31st year teaching and all in 6th grade at Constitution. I love this school. I love these kids.
        I have taught all subjects, teaching social studies and science exclusively going on 7 years. We rotate through both subjects every 9 weeks. Our year topic for both is Water and how it shapes our society and the world.
        If I would have to describe my teaching style, it would be project-based. Textbook, quizzes and tests are the basic assessment on how the students are mastering the information but hands-on activities: building, writing, creating, acting, intensifies the learning experience and its fun. 
        In social studies, the first 5 weeks, we will be studying map reading, geography, and Early Humans. The focus for the whole year is ancient civilizations. I have a strong unit also built in on current events.
        In science, much of it hands on, our first unit in September will be Weather and Water, seasons included. 
Getting to know me.......
   I have a wonderful family and have fun times with my husband, Thom, my daughter, Marie, my son, Sam and our dog, Bella.  Marie married 4 years ago in Tuscany, Italy in a castle.  Of course we all went and what a fun 2 weeks that was, especially Rome. Sam, a navy veteran, married last Hall,oween and attending college. Bella is our crazy dog that lives to catch the frisbee.
    I have so many things I like to do. Six summers ago I traveled to Australia, visiting my brother, who lives out in the countryside, not far from Sydney.  I have cruised Hawaii(I love the ocean). My family has taken many trips all through the west, camping in  national parks and exploring the west coast. Traveling obviously is my favorite thing to do. Others are reading ( mysteries and history), strolling along the beach, and going to the movies. Oh, and shopping.
       This will be an incredible year for all of you, parents and students.
        Welcome to Constitution and 6th grade.