• Food Services
    Food and Nutrition Guidelines
    The Deer Valley Food and Nutrition Department's Guidelines standardize the way in which food comes onto campuses and is distributed to students. These guidelines are established to ensure safety and compliance with the Maricopa County Health Department.

    Guidelines for Classroom Parties
    The Maricopa County Health Department has strict regulations about food being prepared in residential kitchens and served at classroom parties. While parents have supplied homemade cupcakes and cookies for their chidren's birthdays and for classroom parties in the past, this practice is no longer allowed. All food brought onto campuses for classroom parties must originate from certified kitchens, commercial institutions, or commercial food service stores.

    The following guidelines will assist in this process:

    • All foods must originate from a Maricopa County Health Department approved kitchen or institution. Examples would be products prepared at a supermarket bakery, retail location or from a commercial restaurant. For example, cupcakes prepared at home are not an approved item for a classroom party.
    • All food offered must be delivered at the proper temperature and unwrapped food must be served with a non-latex gloved hand or utensil. For example, a pizza party from an approved vendor which is served by a gloved hand or with a serving utensil is allowed.
    • All food offered must be maintained at the proper temperature and consumed within a reasonable time.
    • No contact is to be made by a non-gloved hand with any food items that are not pre-wrapped.

    Compliance of the above guidelines are the responsibility of the classroom teacher or educator.

    After-Hours Barbeques and Carnivals
    In order to operate a BBQ/carnival function where food is being served, a County permit is needed. There are three options that schools can pursue. They are:

    • Hire a DVUSD certified food service employee to assist with the function. All DVUSD schools have an approved permit to operate these functions when a certified employee is present. The costs of this employee is per hour. Kitchen facility use and utensil supplies are included in this fee. Rental of the BBQ is per function. BBQ rental fee includes delivery and pickup of the BBQ, propane for the BBQ and cleaning of the BBQ. Handwashing facilities must be within close proximity.
    • The school can obtain their own Maricopa County Health permit to operate. The fees for this permit range from -0 per year depending on the type of permit. Any permit must also be accompanied by a person who can become certified in an approved Maricopa County sanitation course. Access to the school kitchen will require additional fees.
    • Hire a catering company with an approve Maricopa County permit to service the function. The vendor must possess the proper permit to cater a barbeque/carnival. The vendor must be completely self-reliant. Caterer must have all necessary supplies for the function and be able to comply with Maricopa County regulations with regard to sanitation and safety.

    Breakfast and Lunch 
    Deer Valley offers a varied lunch menu and sends a copy home with each student at the beginning of each month. Students may choose to purchase the hot lunch, or they may bring their lunch. Parents may also dine with their students, for lunch only. If you plan to eat at school, we ask that you contact the cafeteria early that morning to order your lunch.

    Sunrise serves free breakfast daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:10 a.m. Students eat breakfast in the classroom. Each student make take one of each of the following: entree, milk, juice and fruit. For a mean to meet federal nutritional guidelines, students must choose at least two of the offered items, one of which being fruit or juice. Students may choose not to eat. Breakfast is not available for parents and other family members.

    The goal of serving school breakfast in the classroom is to  ensure that every student gets the boost they need for physical and academic well-being. Students must be line up at their classroom doors at 8:00 am in order to participate. Please note that breakfast is not available for students who arrive late.


    Student lunch price... $2.80
    Reduced price... $.40 (40 cents)
    Adult lunch price... $3.75

    Students may purchase meals through a computerized system. With this program, parents may deposit any amount of money in the student's account to be used any time during the school year for breakfast, lunch, or milk. Checks are to be made payable to Sunrise and must have a bank guarantee card number written on them. Money should be given to the cafeteria staff before the start of the school day. Students should be reminded that this system is the same as cash.

    The Deer Valley Unified School District participates in the National School Lunch/Breakfast program. Students may qualify for reduced price for free lunches and/or breakfasts. Applications are available in the Sunrise cafeteria or in the Sunrise office.

     All school lunches include a one-half pint of milk.

     If you have any questions regarding food services at Sunrise, you can contact our cafeteria by calling 602-467-5914.