• Vision
    The vision of Mountain Shadows is to build a culture where leaders persevere and reach their highest potential.
    The mission of Mountain Shadows is to Educate, Inspire, Empower and Lead.

    Student Enrollment - 500
    School Colors - Royal Blue and Orange
    Mascot - Mountain Shadows Coyote
    Motto - Home of the "Can Do" Coyotes
    Grade Levels - Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth
    Before and After School Child Care - Coyote Clubhouse
    School Hours           Start Time         Release Time
    Kindergarten-6            8:40 am               3:30 pm
    Preschool AM             9:15 am               11:45 am
    Preschool PM             1:00 pm                3:30 pm
    Early Release PLCs/PD (refer to DVUSD 2023-2024 calendar)
    Kindergarten-6            8:40am                2:00pm
    Early Release Conferences
    Kindergarten-6            8:40am                12:05pm

    Bryan Eberwein, Principal
    Niki Yanez, Dean/RTI-B
    Kathy Jenkins, School Secretary/Administrative Assistant
    Stephanie Todd, Accounting Clerk
    Brienne Peck, Register Clerk
    Michelle Haworth, Clerk
    Kristen Sollom, Nurse
    Christina Ritchey, Plant Foreman
    Britnee McKinley, SPED Strategist
    Kimberly Alexander, Instructional Coach
    Veronica Teran and Jodi Todd, Reading Specialists
    Kassia Castillo-Jones, Media Specialist
    Clarissa Morgan, Coyote Club Director