• School Building

    Las Brisas (i.e. Spanish for "the breezes") is a K-6 elementary school located in a fast growing affluent community. The classrooms are inside a modern air conditioned two-story building located amidst a cluster of soaring hills in the attractive desert environment of northwest Phoenix. The student body is known as "the stars" and classrooms are arranged in pods. The school was constructed during the Phoenix Suns NBA national championship playoff season, thus school colors are the same as the Suns: purple and orange.

    The educational program features intensive staff development in teaching literacy and mathematics with a child centered focus. Teachers are engaged in ongoing training in the Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards and utilizing a systems approach to continuous classroom improvement. They are taught to develop a sensitivity to the needs of each child and to employ various learning strategies appropriate to each student. Classrooms have student computers, SmartBoards, document cameras, and LCD projectors.  A computer lab offers students training in the fundamentals of information technology.  Mobile Labs are available for classroom use.

    Parents at Las Brisas are encouraged to become involved in a Campus Improvement Team and the Parent Teacher Student Association. In addition, regular concerts, carnivals, and other school activities offer parents the opportunity to visit the school and observe the educational progress of their children. A monthly e-newsletter provides information on activities at the school and highlights individual achievements by students and staff. Teachers also provide frequent progress reports to parents in addition to report cards and parent teacher conferences. Parents can access their child's grades through PowerSchools.