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    Homework Lab Registration

    Homework Lab Contract

    Highland Lakes School, through the Community Schools Program, provides a supervised academic environment to assist students K-8 with daily homework, studying, and/or class projects for any subject. This Community School Program is available two days a week for an hour each day. At least one certified teacher will be available to facilitates academic assistance.  Students register quarterly if they need academic motivation, organizational help, or a quiet place to begin homework. 

    Parents can depend on Homework Lab being held twice a week and students who are registered are expected to attend for the entire quarter.

    Guidelines and Expectations:
      1. The Homework Lab is NOT a daycare. Students must be working on homework or reading quietly. Computers are to be used for assignments only.
      2. Students MUST report to ROOM 310 by 3:35 and will be required to stay until 4:30. Parents must come and pick students up if they need to leave early.
      3. Students need to have necessary supplies to complete assignments. Some 7th and 8th grade textbooks are available. Students SHOULD have a book to read in case they finish their homework early.
      4. No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in Homework Lab.
      5. Students are to work quietly, respecting all other students in Homework Lab.
      1. First time offenders will be given a verbal warning.
      2. Second time offenders will call their parent.
      3. Third time offenders will be removed.
    If you have any questions regarding the Homework Lab, please feel free to contact Mrs. Snyder at 623-376-4371.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Snyder