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    Welcome to the Las Brisas Library Media Center.  Our library has so much to offer students, teachers, learners and friends.  Please check the links to the left for more information.





    Attention all 5th and 6th Graders


    This is your last week to sign up for Battle of the Books. We have some really great titles this year including a graphic novel. The first 3 battles are between your fellow classmates and the last battle is against other schools in the district.  Help our school get first in the district since we took 3rd last year and 2nd the year before! See Mrs Thomas or Mrs Killman for questions.



    This weeks 1st-3rd grade story time, we are reading Headstrong Hallie, The true story about the first female fire guard.


    For Kindergarten we are reading "Looking for Smile" by Ellen Tarlow


    For preschool we are reading Circle, Square Moose by Kelly Bingham




    Cleaned out your childs playroom recently? We take donations of new or gently used Hardcover books.  If we cant use them in our library, they get donated to a title one school in our district. 




    Ali Thomas


    Hello, I just want to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Ali Thomas. This is my second year as the library clerk. So, why did I become a library clerk? I wanted to help children find a joy in reading, one I didnt find until I was nineteen. I wanted to bring fun to books, both fiction and non fiction.  We read a variety of books during story time, some silly and some true stories.  

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