5th Grade Science

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5th Grade Science

 Welcome to 5th Grade Science!  We will be studying many exciting themes in science including the inquiry process, the human body, the solar system, physical science, and inventors . We will be using the Foss Science Curriculum, which includes many hands on investigations. Students will use the steps of the scientific method as they participate in various experiments including some dissection. In accordance with common core, all other content areas will be integrated into our science curriculum. Here are just a few examples:


·         Reading: close read informational text

·         Writing: written journal of their investigations, science themed functional and expository essays

·         Technology: research, Excel, PowerPoint, Storybird 

·         Social Studies: report on scientists, inventors, and environmental processes

·         Math: analyze experimental results, average data, graph results.


I look forward to an amazing learning experience with your children.


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