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    6th Grade Science 
    Voice mail: 623-445-8063


    Class Overview

    Welcome to 6th Grade Science! This quarter we have the following goals:

    • You will develop and use models to represent that matter is made up of smaller particles called atoms.
    • Analyze and interpret data to show that changes in states of matter are caused by different rates of movement of atoms in solids, liquids, and gases .
    • Plan and carry out an investigation to demonstrate that variations in temperature and/or pressure affect changes in state of matter.  



    Class Expectations

    We understand this may be a challenge--this has been a challenge for us! We are part of a historical moment; the key is to persevere, and we will succeed!

    • Have a positive attitude and be an active participant😸
    • Adhere to the same standards of behavior online as you would in the classroom🗣
    • 50 minutes of Science daily, manage your time well✔
    • Read directions carefully, then read them again, if you are in doubt, always ask your teacher for help🙋‍♀️
    • In order to learn, YOU need to be completing your assignments👮‍♂️
    • Complete assignments in a timely manner👍
    • Write in complete sentences and use proper grammar and spelling--spellcheck is your friend! 😉


    Get Ready for Class

    • Establish a quiet and comfortable spot where you are best able to focus
    • Materials: notebook, pencil, and headphones
    • Be ready to wonder 
    • Ready, Set, Go!🐱‍🏍