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    Welcome to Quarter 3! 
    This week we are continuing with our Reading Street Program.
    Our story this week Is Frog and Toad Together - The Garden.
    Our grammar focus is verbs in the past and in the future.
    Our phonics skill is r-controlled verbs:  er, ir and ur.
    So far we have been practicing
    Beginning and Final Consonant Blends (clap, frog, desk, list),
    with Closed Syllables, CVC words (hat, pig, lot, cup)
    Digraphs (ch, ph, sh, th, wh), and trigraphs (thr, str, squ).
    We have also practiced C-V-C-e Long Vowels and introduced vowel teams for long a - ai and ay, long i - ie, and igh,  long o - oa, and oe, long u - u_e, ue, ui, and ew and long e with e_e, ea, ee, and e.  
    Y in a final position:
    long i (in a one syllable word - sky) and long e (in 2 or more syllable words - puppy). 
    We have introduced r controlled vowels - orore, and ar.
    In Math we are introducing Module 3 -
    Ordering and Comparing Length Measurements as Numbers
    This Week:
    Monday = Day 4 Music
    Tuesday = Day 1 - P.E. and Library
    Wednesday =   Day 2 - Art and Mandarin
    Thursday = Day 3 - P.E.
    Friday = Day 4 Music
      Upcoming Events: 
    Friday, January 17th - 100th Day of School! PLC 2:00 release
    Monday, January 20th - No School MLK Day
    Tuesday, January 21st - 101st Day of School!
    Friday, January 31st - PLC 2:00 release
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