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    In our Readingstreet Program, we are continuing Unit 4 - Treasures.
    Our story this week is Peter's Chair.
    We will forcus on the story element of Facts and Details.
    This week's Phonics skill is ou - house (most common), country, four, and group.
     To date, we have practiced closed syllables - cvc words (short vowel)
    blends, digraphs, three letter blends, and vowel consonant e syllables.
    We have introduced long vowel teams starting with ai and ay, ie and igh,
    ow and oa, oe, ui, ew, and ue, ee and ea
    and y that sounds like i (one syllable words) and e (two or more syllable words), 
    au (launch) and aw (brawl).
    We have practiced r-controlled words ar (star), or and ore (explore), er (fern) , ir (third), ur (turn)
     and the soft sounds - soft c (grace) and soft g (judge), oi and oy.
    Most recently we have worked on oo - short sound (book) and oo - long sound (bloom).   
    We are also identifying Adjectives.
    This week we will complete Module 4 - Place Value, Comparison (>, <, and =),
    Addition and Subtraction to 40
    This Week:
    Monday - Day 2 - Mandarin and Art
    Tuesday =  Day 3 - P.E. and Library 
    Wednesday =  Day 4 - Music
    Thursday =  Day 1 - P.E.
    Friday =  Day 2 - Mandarin and Art
    Upcoming Events: 
    Monday, March 11 - DC Night of Excellence - 1st Grade performs at 6:10
    Friday, March 15th - Farm Field Trip
    March 18 - March 22 - No School = Spring Break
    Monday, March 25 - A+ Visit
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