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    As we navigate through these unprecedented times, please refer to this page for weekly assignments starting April 6th.
    So far this year, we have been practicing the following:
    Beginning and Final Consonant Blends (clap, frog, desk, list),
    with Closed Syllables, CVC words (hat, pig, lot, cup)
    Digraphs (ch, ph, sh, th, wh), and trigraphs (thr, str, squ).
    We have also practiced C-V-C-e Long Vowels and introduced vowel teams for long a - ai and ay, long i - ie, and igh,  long o - oa, and oe, long u - u_e, ue, ui, and ew and long e with e_e, ea, ee, e, and y in a final position:
    long i (in a one syllable word - sky) and long e (in 2 or more syllable words - puppy). 
    We have introduced r controlled vowels - orore, and ar, er, ir and ur.
    We have also practiced soft c (cent) and soft g (gym) along with diphthongs oi and oy, 
    long oo (moon) and short oo (book), four sounds of the diphthong ou (mouse, four, soup, and country), both sounds of the diphthong ow (owl and snow), and vowel variations aw (saw), al (chalk), and au (August)
    In Math we left off in Module 4 -
    Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 40
    This Week:
    Monday = Home Learning
    Tuesday = Home Learning
    Wednesday = Home Learning
    Thursday = Home Learning
    Friday = Home Learning
      Upcoming Events: 
    March 30th - April 5th - District/School recommended activities
    April 6th - April 9th - Activites directed through this site
    April 10th - Spring Break Day
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    User Name: dc.firsties@gmail.com and Password: dc123456

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