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  • Reading 

    Seeing Stars

    This factual story is about stars.  We will use this story to learn about the features of nonfiction text and the use of graphic sources.  The students will use headers, captions, graphs, diagrams, etc.... to help them comprehend the text


    Word Analysis/Phonics

    Sounds that are made by more than one consonant
    /k/   (c and k)
    /j/    (j and g)
    /s/    (c and s)



    Context/dictionary skills-

    • context- how the word is used in the sentence.
    • dictionary- using guide words to locate terms in the dictionary.
    temperature, dim, gigantic, patterns, gas, shine, ladle



    ***parts of speech will be working on continously: nouns (plural nouns), verbs,  and articles (noun markers), and adjectives.  We recently started working on prepositions and pronouns.
    Conjunctions- we are working on writing compound sentences.  These are sentences that contain more than one subject or predicate.  We will use conjunctions like or, and, or but to create compound sentences.
    On Demand Prompt- we will be working on a  narrative prompt about a problem that they encountered and how they solved it.


     Social Studies: