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    Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It

    This fictional story is about girl named Prudy that loves to collect EVERYTHING.  Her hobby causes a major problem and she has to figure out a way to fix it.

    We will use this story to practice the skill of drawing conclusions.  The students have to find clues from the text that help them figure things out.


    compound words-
    two words that are put together to create a new word with a new meaning.

    Context/compound words-
    *context- how the word is used in the sentence.
    *compound words- look for smaller words to help with word meanings.
    butterlies, collection, enormous, scattered, shoelaces, strain
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    ***parts of speech will be working on continously: nouns (plural nouns), verbs,  and articles (noun markers), and adjectives.  We recently started working on prepositions and pronouns.
    Compound sentences- we are working on writing sentences that contain more than one subject or predicate.  The simple sentences are combined using or, and, or but.
    On Demand- we will be working on a prompt related to this weeks story.  The students will be writing about Prudy's problem and explain how she solved it.
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