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  • Reading 

    How to Eat Fried Worms  is a fictional story about a boy who makes a bet with his friend that he can eat 15 worms for $50.00.  We will be doing a novel study of the book, covering various skills


    Comprehension Focus:

     The comprehension focus for the novel study will be problem/solution, cause and effect, and other skills.



    using context- how the word is used in the sentence helps determine a meaning for the word.



    articles- announce that a noun is coming  ( The boy is sleeping)

    nouns/pronouns- people, places, things, animals    (teacher, bike, library,  octopus)

    verbs- action words/state of being   (I am tired)

    adjectives- describe a noun   (The blue sky was streaked with puffy clouds)

    prepositions- position of one noun compared to another   (The box is under the table)

    adverbs- describe a verb   (The teacher spoke loudly so everyone could hear her)

    conjunctions- connect words, phrases and clauses   (His mom emptied the dishwasher and put everything away)


    FOCUS: author's workshop


    We will be working on editing, revising and publishing a piece of writing.  Students will check spelling, punctation, and capitalization.  They will also be guided through revising content and potentially changing their writing.







     Social Studies: 
     Chapter 8: Government
    3 branches of government
    legislative branch
    executive branch
    judicial branch
    levels of government (local, state, national)
    checks & balances
    national symbols
    goverments of the world