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  • Reading 

    The Man Who Invented Basketball  is a nonfiction story about James Neismith, the man who invented the game of basketball.


    Comprehension Focus:

     The comprehension focus will be on making generalizations.  Generalizations are broad statements made about a topic/subject.  They can be valid or faulty.  Faulty generalizations are those broad statements that can be disproven.


    Word Analysis/Phonics

    irregular plurals- some nouns cannot be made plural by adding s or es. The word itself must change.  Such as goose becomes geese.


    using context- how the word is used in the sentence helps determine a meaning for the word.



    articles- announce that a noun is coming  ( The boy is sleeping)

    nouns/pronouns- people, places, things, animals    (teacher, bike, library,  octopus)

    verbs- action words/state of being   (I am tired)

    adjectives- describe a noun   (The blue sky was streaked with puffy clouds)

    prepositions- position of one noun compared to another   (The box is under the table)

    adverbs- describe a verb   (The teacher spoke loudly so everyone could hear her)

    conjunctions- connect words, phrases and clauses   (His mom emptied the dishwasher and put everything away)



    **We are going to be focusing on the structure of an opinion writing piece.  We will break it down and practice each part step-by-step.  We will use the knowledge gained to practice writing an opinion piece.  Our final on-demand district writing assessment will involve stating an opinion, giving reasons, and backing up the reasons with evidence.






     Social Studies: 
    Chapter 6  Lessons
    Native Americans
    European Explorers
    Declaring Independence
    The Revolutionary War
    Expansion and Growth
    The Louisiana Purchase
    Louis and Clark Expedition
    Westward Expansion
    The chapter 6 test is tentatively scheduled for April 1st.