• World History

    Welcome to Mr. Schauberger's Social Studies class.  During the 1st semester, we will be learning about the eras in world history of Scientific Reasoning and the Enlightenment, the Age of Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution, and the Age of Imperialism.   

    The Social Studies Zoom Meetings Link can be found on your Social Studies Class Canvas Page.  

    You are required to attend all classes on zoom which will follow the bell schedule at school.  Please make sure that you login to all zoom meetings on time following that schedule as it is difficult to have to repeat what has been covered to those signing in late.  You can access my zoom meeting by going to the social studies Canvas page and clicking on the zoom meeting link in the "to do" column.

    Here is a copy of my Gavilan Peaks bell schedule: 

    Period 1: 8:15-9:05          Prep    

    Period 2: 9:05-10:00        7th Grade Social Studies

    Period 3: 10:00-10:55      7th Grade Social Studies

    Period 4: 10:55-11:40      Differentiated Student Support

    Period 5: 11:40-12:10      Lunch

    Period 6: 12:10-1:00        7th Grade Social Studies

    Period 7: 1:00-2:00          Humanities - Writing Workshop

    Period 8: 2:00-3:00          7th Grade Social Studies

    7th grade schedule PLC Fridays

    Period 1: 8:15-8:50         

    Period 2: 8:50-9:35

    Period 3: 9:35-10:20

    Period 7: 10:20-11:05

    Period 6: 11:05-11:40

    Lunch:    11:40-12:10

    Period 8: 12:10-12:55

    Homeroom: 12:55-1:30


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     Login to Canvas using your Student ID# and school password.


    Attendance Policy:  Please enter your social studies zoom meetings at the time listed in your class schedule.  Please do not be tardy as I cannot repeat instruction everytime a student comes in late.

    Homework Policy:  You should attempt to complete all assigned work at the end of the day that it was assigned unless it is a long-term assignment with a specific due date.  I will not accept late homework after the following weekend, so all assigned work must be completed by Friday 6:00 PM at the end of the week  the that it was assigned. Example: Work was assigned on Monday through Friday of a week, then it must be completed prior to Friday 6:00 PM.  You don't want to work on weekends and neither do I.  I will grade all work in a timely fashion and you should know your grade by the following Monday morning. Late work will be reduced by 10% for every day that it is late.  If you are absent for a good reason, have your parents notify me as soon as possible via email  shelley.schauberger@dvusd.org