About Desert Sky

    Desert Sky Middle  School is committed to preparing students for college and real world careers by applying what they are studying in the classroom to real-life situations & experiences. Student achievement increases by continuously improving programs & actively engaging students.

    Academic Opportunities: Advanced classes are offered in social studies, science, mathematics, and language arts. High school credits can be earned by qualifying for algebra & Spanish 1-2. Woodshop class is available for students to gain knowledge of woodworking, basic drafting and other practical math skills.

    Technology: Students design web pages, produce videos, use Microsoft applications, improve keyboarding skills and more using SMART Boards, laptops, net books, clickers, web cams, digital and document cameras.

    Top 20 Program: Top 20 is a social emotional learning program which empowers teachers, staff and students to think, learn and communicate effectively. This approach helps move individuals outside their comfort zones, stop the spread of negativity and resolve conflicts effectively by living “above the line.”

    Enrichment Opportunities: Students can participate in student council, National Junior Honor Society, annual leadership camp, volleyball, softball, baseball, basketball, wrestling and spirit line. Other activities include a food drive, turkey bowling, talent show, and dances.

    Award-Winning Fine Arts: Students are offered choir and band programs. Since 2007, 68 Desert Sky students have been selected to participate in the district honor jazz band and the Arizona Music Educator’s Association all-state band and choir, consisting of the best musicians in Arizona.