Reading is FUNdamental!

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    MTSS:  The focus of my groups is systematic explicit phonics instruction.  Students will be learning to read and spell words with specific phonics skills and spelling rules.  Each lesson includes learning the letter pattern, reading words, spelling words, locating words in a passage, and reading the passage.

    Kindergarten is working on sound manipulation.  This is called Phonemic Awareness and is a vital pre-reading skill.  We are working on hearing all the sounds in a word.  An example is I orally say a word:  tap,  the sounds are  /t/ /a/ //p/.  There are three different sounds in that word.  We have also added a phonics piece to our group time.  The children are learning to read closed patterned words with a vc and cvc pattern.  These are words like:   at, is, sun, ten, mom.

    First grade continues to work on reading closed patterned words with and without blends and digraphs.  Some examples of these words would be:   cat,  run,  stop,  ship,  last,  thick,  crunch  We are also beginning to work on the second phonics pattern: Long vowel silent e patterns.  Some examples include:  brake, Pete, shine, throne, and flute

    Second grade continues to practice closed patterned words with and without blends and digraphs, long vowel silent e patterns, and open patterns.  We are also learning about the vowel team syllable type.  Some examples of these words would be:  play, train, keep, toy, join, fault, saw, and dream.

    Third grade is continuing to practice closed, open, long vowel silent e, and vowel team syllables.  We are now working on the vowel r syllable type. Somoe examples include:   park, torn, her, first, and nurse.


    We have learned so much this year.  Please continue to have your child practice these skills daily.