• BGHS Career and Technical Education
    Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs provide students with the rigorous, content-aligned academic standards necessary to prepare students to succeed in today’s global economy. Students have opportunities to develop specialized skills and apply their academic knowledge in real world settings.

    BGHS offers 2 CTE Signature Programs. Signature programs are offered on specific high school campuses but open to any DVUSD high school student interested in enrolling. BGHS Signature Programs are Culinary Arts and Law Enforcement and Public Safety.

    Barry Goldwater High School also offers the following CTE courses: Sports Medicine, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Business OperationsMarketing and Media Productions with industry standard software computer programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Animation. Students in Media Production are responsible for the schools’ student announcements, Marketing students run a BGHS school store and Graphics students design projects to fulfill jobs requested by both on campus and off campus groups.

    Internship programs are available for students to participate in a supervised work experience of a minimum of 5 hours per week (paid or unpaid) in a position within the CTE program area of their choice. The CTE Internship provides on-the-job experience and valuable industry networking.


    The CTE Internship Class

    • CTE Internships:  Learning is not limited to the classroom. Internship opportunities are a supervised work-based learning experience in a paid or unpaid position within the CTE program of study. The CTE internship provides on the job experience and valuable industry networking. Students must complete the Online Application for DVUSD Career and Technical Education Programs.


      You may fit this class into your schedule to meet your needs. You need to take two years of CTE courses to qualify, and your second course may be concurrently taken with the internship your senior year.


      The course is completely online so you do not have to be on campus. You release to your internship provider for this class time.   You do not have to be at the internship site during your class time but you do have to record 5 hours of work or volunteer time, complete reflections, time logs, and evaluations.  Information on the start date and drop dates can be found at DVOLP