• Important News during Covid-19 School Closure


    First and foremost, we are thinking about you and missing you at this time.  Please take whatever precautions necessary to remain healthy at this time.

    For NEW Registrations, please contact counseling secretary, Melissa Calhoun at Melissa.Calhoun@dvusd.org

    For RECORDS Requests, please contact BGHS Registrar, Megan Quail at Megan.Quail@dvusd.org



    Here is what you can expect the new distance learning schedule to look like:  BGHS Distance Learning

    Interested in joining the BGHS Counseling Canvas Classroom?  Join here: https://dvusd.instructure.com/courses/91094/pages/welcome

    Need to speak with your counselor or to schedule a virtual meeting?   See Counselor Assignments and available office hours for your individual counselor below:


    Counselor Assignments:

    Latoya Bernard
    Students A-F
    Office Hours:
    Mon. - Thurs. 
                    9am - 11am
                1:30pm -2:30pm
    Students G-M
    Office Hours are:
    Mon. - Thurs.  9am - 11am
                            1pm  -  2pm
     Eddie Rodriguez Eddie Rodriguez
    Students N-T
    Office Hours:

     Mon. - Thurs.

                       10am - 1pm

    Request a virtual meeting

    Bridget Romero
    Students U-Z 
    Students with an IEP
    Office Hours are:
    Mon. - Thurs.  9am - 11am
                            1pm  -  2pm

    Request a virtual meeting


    RTI Behavior Coordinator
    Office Hours: 
                        9am - Noon


    Marci Morrison

    School Social Worker

    Office Hours:  7:35 - 2:17



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    4th Quarter Newsletter:  Coming SOON
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    1st Quarter Newsletter:  https://www.smore.com/729t1
    Tips For SUCCESS:
    Be ONLINE and complete your assigned or missing work!
    Get Organized
    Set Goals
    Check Canvas and PowerSchool for grades regularly
    Update your ECAP frequently by logging into AzCIS 
    Enroll in the BG Counseling Canvas Classroom
    Seek out Resources - We are HERE to help!
    MAKE IT A GREAT YEAR!! Strive for Greatness!!

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