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      English Language Arts


    English Language Arts Classes:

    Advanced/College Credit: IB English and AP English

       Dual Enrollment classes: ENG 101/102, ENH 110, COM 100   

    Honors:  Gifted and MYP English Language Arts 1-2 and 3-4

    English Language Arts (ELA) 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8

    Electives: Creative Writing, Communications and Yearbook. 

    ELA ACTIVITIES/CLUBS:  Speech and Debate, Slam Poetry, Yearbook, Literary Club


    All IB/AP/HONORS classes have Summer Reading: 

    ELA 1-2H          ELA 3-4H            AP English 5-6          IB English 5-6

    ELA 1-2H pdf    ELA 3-4H pdf      AP English 5-6 pdf   IB English 5-6 pdf


    AP English 7-8 pdf                       IB English 7-8            IB English 7-8 pdf






    Demonstrating Skills in ELA: 

                R&J Project  R & J Project 2  Exploring Text   Odyssey   Project 2    Macbeth Projects Tale Game Venn Diagram