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    In order to graduate, DVUSD students are required to earn four years of English credit.
    To complete this requirement, students have many choices between ELA, Honors/AP, and Dual Enrollment.
    ib Middle Years Programmeib Diploma Programme


  • BGHS English Language Arts Classes:

    English Language Arts:                                       Honors/Gifted (click HERE for more info.):

    * ELA 1-2                                                               * ELA 1-2 MYP & Gifted  
    * ELA 3-4                                                               * ELA 3-4 MYP & Gifted  
    * ELA 5-6
    * ELA 7-8

    Students can also receive high school credit and college credit concurrently by enrolling in Dual Enrollment classes starting at the junior level. Taking these courses will help students meet the requirements for an AGEC (Arizona General Education Curriculum). Earning an AGEC means you have completed your general education credits required for any degree in Arizona. Students who earn college credit for Dual Enrollment courses can take years off the time they will spend in college and some can even earn an Associate’s degree while still in high school!

    Advanced Placement/College Credit:                Dual Enrollment:   

    * IB ELA 5-6                                                            * ENG 101/102 First Year Composition
    * IB ELA 7-8                                                            * ENH 110 Introduction to Literature  
    * AP Language & Composition                           * COM 100  
    * AP Lit                                                    


    * Creative Writing
    * Speech & Debate
    * Yearbook




        IB Summer Reading: 



    IB English 5-6 Summer Reading

    IB English 7-8 Summer Reading