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English Language Arts
Welcome to Bulldog Country!
English Language Arts includes all the MYP English classes, IB English classes, AP English classes, ENG 101/102, Honors, English Language Arts (ELA) classes, Creative Writing and Yearbook.  
All HONORS/IB/AP classes have Summer Reading for the 2017-2018 school year as follows: 
Incoming 9th graders: Freshman Honors
Returning and Incoming 10th graders: Sophomore Honors
Returning and Incoming IB 11th graders:  Junior IB English 5-6
Returning and Incoming AP 11th graders: Junior AP English 5-6
Returning and Incoming AP/IB 12 graders: Senior IB English 7-8
 Assignments are due the first week of school.
Honors, AP/IB - Advanced Essential Skills