• Athletic Updates (Revised: 12/5/2020)

    Below are the dates which each of the sports seasons will have their try-outs and when the season begins.  We are using Register My Athlete this year for all paperwork and physicals, instead of paper copies.  All registration must be completed in the account you create on the Register My Athlete website.  This year only, the AIA has allowed athletes who had a physical done last year to use that same physical for the 2020/2021 school year.  It's only for this academic school year.

    If you have an application on file with Coach Pratt, he will be able to make a copy of your 19/20 physical and you can pick-up the copy in the front office or he can send it home with your student. Once you receive the copy you will be able upload it into your Register My Athlete account.  A copy of your students Brainbook Concussion Certificate will be provided as well, if he has it.

    If you don't have a physical on file with Coach Pratt, you will need to go to the doctor to get a new physical completed.  Everyone will still need to put their information into Register My AthleteClick on the Important Links to get more information and directions for Register My Athlete

     Every section in Register My Athlete must be completed and approved before your student can participate in try-outs.  Please contact the coach of the sport (see the Coaches Directory link) or reach out to Coach Pratt (Athletic Coordinator) should you have any questions.

    The following are the try-out dates and when the season starts for these sports:

    • 7/8 - Basketball Tryouts: 12/14-12/18: Season Starts: 1/4 - 2/5
    • 7/8 - Spiritline Tryouts: 12/14-12/18: Season Starts: 1/4
    • 7/8 - Girls/Boys Volleyball Tryouts: Season Starts: 2/8 - 3/12
    • 7/8 - Baseball/Softball Tryouts: Season Starts: 3/22 - 4/23
    • 5/6/7/8 - Cross Country (No Tryouts): Season Starts: 4/19 - 5/14