• Mission Statement:

    The mission of the DVHS Special Education department is to provide supports and services for extraordinary educational opportunities for every learner. 

    Special Education services are based on the individual needs of a student through the Individual Education Plan developed by a team of professionals including the parents and student. Services are delivered in the least restrictive environment but depending on the student each school has a continuum of services to support the needs of the students. The continuum of special education services range from the general classroom to homebound services.
Name Title Email Phone
Alvitre, Amanda Department Coordinator amanda.alvitre@dvusd.org (602) 467-6819
Botsko, Samantha Special Education samantha.botsko@dvusd.org (602) 467-6819
Cardinal, Sam Special Education sam.cardinal@dvusd.org (602) 467-6726
Chebultz, Lauri Department Coordinator lauri.chebultz@dvusd.org (602) 467-6728
Cramer, Jeanine Special Education jeanine.cramer@dvusd.org (602) 467-6805
Gindt, Kathy Psychologist kathy.gindt@dvusd.org (602) 467-6720
Hagele, Mike Special Education michael.hagele@dvusd.org (602) 467-6821
Hagele, Taylor Special Education taylor.hagele@dvusd.org (602) 467-6819
Hoscheidt, Carleen TSW carleen.hoscheidt@dvusd.org (602) 467-6777
Irvine, Jim Intervention Specialist james.irvine@dvusd.org (602) 467-6760
Munoz, Nicholas TSW nicholas.munoz@dvusd.org (602) 467-6777
Pedregon, Amenda Special Education amenda.pedregon@dvusd.org (602) 467-6727
Petersen, Danielle Speech-Language Pathologist danielle.petersen@dvusd.org (602) 467-6722