• For questions regarding student registration and/or open enrollment procedures, please contact Lucy Rodeman, the Desert Sage School Registrar.
    Open Enrollment information go to the DVUSD Open Enrollment homepage.


    Student Registration information go to the DVUSD Student Registration homepage

    • To enroll your child at Desert Sage Elementary School, you will need to bring the following:
      • Birth Certificate
      • Proof of residency
      • Proof of legal custody, if applicable
      • Proof of immunizations
        • Under state law, schools must have written proof of immunization before admitting a child to school. Generally, most types of records supplied by the health care provider are acceptable, as are records supplied by a previous school.
        • Immunizations required are described in the Health Center section of the Parent/Student handbook. After the immunization record has been reviewed, the school will notify you if your child's immunizations are incomplete. If you receive such a notice, please have the missing vaccinations(s) taken care of as soon as possible so he/she can continue school without interruption.
        • If your child should not be immunized because of a medical condition, personal belief, or natural immunity (i.e., he/she has already had the vaccine preventable disease), you must file a Request for Exemption with the school.