• The mission of Deer Valley High School is to create a safe and positive learning culture by empowering students with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to lead in their homes, careers and communities.
    In 1980, Deer Valley High School opened its doors for the first time to 750 new students. Housed on more than 60 acres, Deer Valley High School has developed many lasting traditions and is proud to offer exceptional academic courses. Deer Valley High School has a growing dual enrollment college credit program that offers students exceptional opportunities to meet their academic goals. Students have an opportunity to participate in quality clubs and activities as well as sound, award-winning athletic programs.  DVHS students use iPads for instructional purposes to become digital citizens and increase 21st century technology skills.

    Deer Valley High School’s strong academic emphasis supports both the district and school mission statements. The Campus Improvement Team goals have always mirrored the school’s mission statement and established plans and support programs to ensure student success.
    Deer Valley High School Information:
    Fight Song
    Deer Valley Skyhawks we believe in you
    Through thick and thin our school will make it through
    Our spirit soaring high as you can see
    The Blue and Silver means success and victory
    And when our team comes out we'll yell for more
    And with our P.A.S.E we're sure to raise the score
    The Skyhawks can't be beat, we're number 1 champions
    Deer Valley High
    Alma Mater
    Hail Alma Mater, Hail to Thee
    Loyal to Deer Valley, we shall ever be
    Proudly our banners wave, proclaming our might
    CHEER all together
    For silver, blue and white
    School Colors
    Blue and Silver
    Paul Roskelley, Principal
    Elizabeth Harris, Assistant Principal/Curriculum
    JR Krumland, Assistant Principal/Activities and Discipline
    Stacy Spencer, Assistant Principal/Athletics