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    "The Important thing is to not stop questioning, curiosity has its own reasons for existing." Einstein
    We, the SAGE Students of Copper Creek Elementary School, challenge ourselves to excel in learning by thinking differently, digging deeper and using our best effort to go beyond expectations as we stretch our brains in different directions.
    Welcome to Copper Creek SAGE
    The SAGE program at Copper Creek is a daily pull out replacement model for the areas of Language Arts and Math for gifted students in grades 3-6.  In SAGE we combine both acceleration with enrichment of the curriculum that allows students to think deeper as they explore the world around them.  Creativity, risk taking, and thinking different as students soar, achieve, and realize very little is impossible is the end goal of the program.
    Since the math program is one grade level above students entering the SAGE program at 4th grade or above in math should work the skills at grade level to be prepared for the new year.  


  • Winter Break and Return to Virtual

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 12/18/2020

    I hope everyone has a relaxing break and stay healthy.

    I will send weekly emails every Sunday while on virtual.

    When we retutn we will be on virtual learning.  The schedule will match the existing SAGE schedule except the 5th graders will be able to attend reading starting at 1:30.


    Show up to Zoom on time every day and stay until I excuse you.  Lessons will be 20-30 minutes and then time to do the daily assignment. 

    Do you assignment during independent time and turn it in through Canvas.  There will be enough time to complete the assignment.  Assignments are to be completed daily.

    Do your assessments (math) on the assigned date.  They will be locked at the end of the day so you will need to contact me if not completed.

    If students need more time or could not attend the lesson I would like to hear from them through email.

    Students should email me if they have any difficulties.

    All assignment for the week in ELA Reading will be locked on Sunday.  Again students need to connect with me if they need opened.  ELA assignments may be resubmitted for a higher grade onece (2 attempts) but they will only have until Sunday evening.  All ELA assignments will be graded by Friday to allow the time.  Common Lit may not be redone.

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Contact Information

  • SAGE Teacher 
    School #:  623-376-3959
    please email since we are not on campus at this time

SAGE Notes

  • Dreambox Login:

    1.  Sign in at portal.dvusd.org

    2.  Click "more" at bottom left

    3.  Click "dreambox"

    4.  Login again to authenticate


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    Students Google Drive Login:


    Password:  ID number

    To share with Mrs. Cohon:  robyn.cohon@dvusd.org

    Students can only share and communicate only with other Deer Valley Accounts for safety reasons.

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