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    Language is the art of understanding and communication.


    Great old library

    ". . . in this best of all possible worlds." - Voltaire - Candide 1764

    Each reader of these pages will please read
    and take into their own measure the following edict:

    "A man who tells secrets or stories must think of who is hearing or reading, for a story has as many versions as it has readers. Everyone takes what he wants or can from it and thus changes it to his measure.  Some pick out parts and reject the rest, some strain the story through their mesh of prejudice, some paint it with the reader to make him feel at home in it. Only then can he accept wonders." - John Steinbeck - The Winter of Our Discontent 1961

    "Every novel which is truly written contributes to the total of knowledge which is there at the disposal of the next writer that comes, but the next writer must pay, always, a certain nominal percentage in experience to be able to understand and assimilate what is available as his birthright and what he must, in turn, take his departure from."  - Hemingway - Death in the Afternoon 1932

    Welcome to ENH110, ENG101 & ENG102

    Remember, this isn't your last high school class, it's your first, really deep thinking, series of college classes . . . so, I would certainly hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.
    There are two tracks for Dual Enrollment English Credit through Rio Salado:
    1 - ENG102 Fall & ENG111 Spring for those seniors who took ENH110 & ENG101 in their Junior year.
    2 - ENG101 Fall & ENG102 Spring for those Seniors who have not taken ENG101 yet.
    Juniors in ENH110 Intro to Literature and Seniors in ENG101-102, First Year Composition - will need to purchase a few things as the semester begins - see CANVAS for list of just a few items.
    Check the individual page for full information for ENH110 and ENG101-102,
    Section numbers for Rio Salado College and Turnitin.com will be on the ENH110 and ENG101-102 CANVAS if you have lost them as the Fall semester begins.   
    First of all - get to know this site - there are any number of pages here that are very helpful throughout the year. There are MLA citation guidelines sites; there are Rio Library Research links; there are Notes and Examples of citation methods. This site is full of anything and everything you will need during the course of this year's writing assignments. We will be using CANVAS this year as well as the classroom. You will be able to find all of the major assignments and the Syllabus Acknowledgement form here as well as the overall course Syllabus. CANVAS classes will be built over the summer, but will not be viewable by students until the first day of classes.

    Textbooks will be checked out on the first week of class, in class - not through the bookstore 

    Required Summer Reading:
    Note - there is no required reading list, but reading is expected over the summer. Read at least three novels from the Harvard.com top 100 novel list at or above your lexile level. Reading is the most fundamental essential skill when writing from research. The more you read, and the deeper you read, the better you read.

    TEXTBOOK Checkout:

    For ENH110 - The textbook will be checked out during the first week of class in my room. 

    ENG101 - textbook is in classroom only - students will take notes and work with other materials from the web for work. This is why it is imparative that students have charged and working iPads daily.

    ENG102: students will check out textbooks from me, in class, the first week back - not the book store.

    Spring courses: checkout will again be in the classroom, provided you have turned in ALL that you had checked out in the Fall.

    Looking for something to read? Check out Harvard's great list of works to read during the summer.  Harvard book store - Choose from the top 100 books.

    Each page is described below:

    • General Policies- here you will see a little about me, and my basic grading policies as far as late work, etc. You can also see and read about what we will be doing this year in general.
    • Research & Resources (Links & Resources) - is a page I have set up for many different kinds of links. Some links will go to general research pages, useful for any number of assignments, homework help, or reading help, etc. Other links will be for things like virtual museum tours which may help in other classes as well as Language Arts. There will also be links for accessing book lists, and even better, sites where complete texts of great books can be downloaded and read off the computer - for FREE.

      Course Pages:
    • 2009 MLA Documentation - OWL - Online Writing Lab. I have recently found that the Online Writing Lab - from Rio/Purdue - now has a full set of correct, 2009 MLA Guidelines - over the summer, I have studied this site and it is, again, the most reliable cite for MLA citation guidelines.
    • Enroll in Rio Classes pages - this is where you can find out more information about the dual program at Rio and where you can fill out and print the registration paperwork.
    • CANVAS - Almost all of the handouts are located on your class page in Canvas.
    • Annotated Bib page: Annotated Bib Examples
    • Don't forget to visit the main Boulder Creek Web Site.
    • Also, the Rio Salado College Web Site:  
    • This web site will be updated to keep you abreast of what's happening in all of my classes throughout the year.
    • E-Mail me with any questions you have - I check it frequently each day. No question is a silly one.
    • Rio College Students can e-mail me at Rio Salado College
    • Hope you enjoy the site!