• Welcome to the Action Lab & Computer Science!!!
    The Action Lab is a learning system that uses interactive multimedia, project-based learning and group collaboration to create a unique learning environment.
    Students will be participating in two week modules that help to guide the students learning.  Students will be working with hands on materials to help enhance their understanding of the topic.
    The ultimate goal of the career action lab class is to have students experiment in different technical and health careers.  To look at the different career experiences, click on the + sign on the left

    Computer Science focuses on computer programming and engineering.  Student will learn how to code and then take that information into the world of creation.  They will create an eduactional product using what they learn in class.

    Phone#- 602-467-6537
    Meetings can be scheduled in
    the morning if needed. 
    Class Schedule



    Class Name


    8:15 - 9:12 7/8th Grade Career Action Lab


    9:16 - 10:08 7/8th Grade Career Action Lab 


    10:12 - 11:04 7/8th Grade Career Action Lab 


    11:38 - 12:34 7/8th Grade Career Action Lab 

    12:42 - 1:34

    Prep Period


    1:15 - 2:30 7/8th Grade Computer Science


    2:30 - 3:00 Flash 



  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to prepare all students to be active, productive and successful problem solvers in our ever changing world.