•  Welcome to Language Arts- 8th Grade

    Instructor; Chappell, Kayla
    e-mail; kayla.chappell@dvusd.org
    Phone; 602-467-6557
    Class Information:
     Throughout the school year we will actively work to cover a wide array of curricular and learning standards. As a class we will strive for student mastery of specific skills and knowledge by reading and writing daily. The goal for the school year is that all students enjoy the learning process and leave feeling accomplished. 
    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    8:15 -
    8th Grade ELA
    2nd 9:23 - 10:20 8th Grade ELA
    3rd 10:24 - 11:21  Adv 8th Grade ELA


    1st lunch

    11:25 - 12:57 8th Grade ELA

    1:01 - 1:58

    Prep Hour
    6th 2:02 - 3:00 8th Grade ELA



  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to prepare all students to be active, productive and successful problem solvers in our ever changing world.