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    Mrs. Green's Kindergarten  
    3rd Quarter Happenings!
    February 15th - Friday
    Early Release Day
    We will try and open our gate around 11:40 a.m.
    February 18th - Monday - No School
    Presidents' Day
    March 1st - Friday
    Early Release Day
    We will try and open our gate around 11:40 a.m.
    March 15th - Friday
    End of 3rd Quarter
    March 18th - 22nd - No School
    Spring Break
    Please email me if you have any questions (rebecca.green@dvusd.org)
    I look forward to having an exciting kindergarten year with you and your child.

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  • Week of 2/11/19

    Posted by Rebecca Green on 2/10/2019

    Student-Led Conference are Thursday this week!  Please come at your designated time because we have several conferences going at the same time and I will be unable to accommodate late or early arrivals.  This is a conference where your child must attend because they run the conference and I will only be monitoring and answering any questions from the 4 families attending each time slot.

    Thursday and Friday, February 14th and 15th are Early Release Days!

    This week we are continuing to focus on the letter Ee and the short sound /e/.  Your child will learn how to write the upper and lowercase Ee and learn its short sound /e/.  They should be able to recognize and reproduce the sound when they see the letter Ee in isolation and in words. Your child will continue practicing writing their last name.  They will be reminded to start their first name and last name with a capital letter, use lowercase letters for the other parts, and put a space between the names.  At this time of the year your child should be able to recognize all capital and lowercase letters, say, and recognize the basic sounds of all the capital and lowercase letters.  This week your child will continue to learn 3 new high-frequency words:  here, go, from and they should also be able to recognize the following high-frequency words:  I, am, the, little, to, a, have, is, we, my, like, he, for, me, with, she, see, look, they, you, of, do, are, that, one, two, three, four, five.  I would recommend that with any skill that your child is working on that you have flashcards for them to use daily for a quick practice.  We are working on compositions and decompositions of 5, 6, 7, and 8.  One of the tools we will be using a number bond and writing addition sentences two different ways.  In writing we are focusing on writing 2-3 sentences using our high-frequency words and then initial, medial, and final sounds of unknown words (ex: We have two trtls.  I woch them pla in my yrd.  They are fun to woch. =  We have two turtles.  I watch them play in my yard.  They are fun to watch.)

    Have a great week!  We hope to see you at our Friendship Party on Thursday, February 14th 9:45 – 10:45!

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