•  The Prowler
    Welcome Back Jaguars!
    The 2015 yearbook staff has been busy planning Volume 11 of The Prowler.

    Senior Ads for the yearbook. Go to jostens.com/yearbookads to buy one today.           Until 9/30, prices are:
    Full Page $220.00
    1/2 Page $124.00
    1/4 Page $64.00
    1/8 Page $32.00
    There is limited space for ads, and prices go up in October, so buy early!
    Fall Pre-Order Price $80 August 9th through December 31st
    Spring Final Pre-order $85 January 1, 2015 through January 31, 2015
    Remember, the only way to guarantee you get a copy of the yearbook is to buy it early!

    Yearbook - You're In It