• Schedule;

    8:00 Breakfast

    8:15  Science

    9:00 Math

    10:15 Reading Spellling Math

    11:45  Groups

    12:15 writing

    12:30 recess and lunch

    1:10  Harmony Sanford //// Writing

    1:30 Social Studies

    2:15  Specials  Monday  Music  Tuesday P.E.  Wednesday  Art  Thursday Music  Friday  Music





    Classroom Mission:  All students will learn to their highest potential while being responsible citizens.


    Harmony Goals:  Treat Each other kindly, Treat each other with respect, Welcome new people,




    Classroom Micro Venture:  Bingo and Legos and Nano Bots

    Lego donations are always welcome. 



    Strategic Goal:  All students will make more than one year's growth in Math, Language Arts and Writing.  The students do this by reaching their potential.


     PAWS Matrix: P:  Practicing Respect--------------------A:Accepting Responsibility----------------------- W:Working together--------------------------S:Safety Matters

    Classroom Matrix for Success




    Accepting Responsibility



    Safety Matters


    Speak Softly to Adults and Others

    Do your best work

    Help Others

    Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself



    Listen to directions the first time

    Stay on Task


    Push in Chairs


    Use Kind Words and Actions

    Tell the Truth


    Keep objects off the floor



    Classroom News:  We hope to have a Field Trip in February, to the Halle Heart Center.