• READING CLASS MISSION:  The students in Mrs. White's reading classess will become excellent readers!!

    The students in the reading intervention classes 1-3 are using the researched based program- 95% group.  The students are all assessed on phonics with the PSI test.  This test shows the reading specialists where each student falls on the phonics spectrum allowing  students to be grouped according the skills needed.  Students are seen daily for 30-45 minutes.  

     All K-3 students are assessed throughout the school year to make sure that each child's reading is improving.  Some of the assessments are DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) and DIBELS.  Letter naming, phonemic segmentation, blending and sight words are tested in Kindergarten. Letter naming, phoemic segmentation, nonsense word decoding, sight words and oral reading fluency  are tested in  First Grade. Second and Third Grade students are tested in nonsense word decoding, sight words and oral reading fluency. Progress monitoring is done with many K-3 students  every 2-4 weeks.  This ensures that if a student is not improving in reading, the classroom teacher and Reading Specialist can work together to remedy the problem.

    Duriing this time of Home Learning I will be working one-on-one with several first graders that have been recieving reading intervention.  These families have recieved the Zoom information, including link, password, days and time.  I will be working with students on Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday.  We will be using the 95% group lessons, working on blending words and sight vocabulary.

    If you have any concerns about your child's reading ability, please feel free to contact me.