• READING CLASS MISSION:  The students in Mrs. White's reading classess will become excellent readers!!

    The students in the reading classes use a variety of resources- all researched based-to ensure that they are make progress in reading.  Some of the programs are LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention), Read Naturally (fluency) and Phonics for Reading.  Extra reading homework is given several nights a week.  This is generally a small book or part of a book that needs to be read to an adult or older sibling at home. Reading homework from the reading class should never take longer than 5-10 minutes.  There will be a note that needs to be signed and returned.  This extra 5-10 minutes of reading at home really makes a difference in a child's success. 

     All K-3 students are assessed throughout the school year to make sure that each child's reading is improving.  Some of the assessments are DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) and DIBELS.  Comprehension and fluency are tested in Grades 1-3. Letter naming, phonemene segmenting and nonsense word decoding, are tested in Kindergarten and part of First and Second grade.  Progress monitoring is done with many K-3 students  every 2-4 weeks.  This ensures that if a student is not improving in reading, the classroom teacher and Reading Specialist can work together to remedy the problem.

    If you have any concerns about your child's reading ability, please feel free to contact me.