• 7th and 8th Grade Band and Choir

    *T-shirt forms will be sent home with students, we will wear these shirts for concerts and assessments.



    October 7th, 7pm at Gavilan Peak

    Fall Assessment (8th grade band, JH Choir) TBA

    December 17th, 7pm at Gavilan Peak    

    March 12th, 7pm Bridging Concert (6/7/8) at Gavilan Peak

    Spring Assessment (8th band and Jh CHoir) TBA

    May 12th, 7pm at Gavilan Peak

    DISNEYLAND TBA (7/8 only)


    5th and 6th Grade Band


    December 17th, 5:30 at Gavilan Peak

    (6th only) Bridging concert with JH March 12, 7pm

    May 12th, 5:30pm at Gavilan Peak