Mrs.  Schmidt's First Grade Class


    Weekly/Daily Schedule

    8:00-8:15 Breakfast in the classroom
    8:15-8:30-Morning Work (phonics, writing, spelling); review of week's concepts and reading vocabulary/sight words

    8:30-9:45- Daily Reading- fluency, comprehension, phonics, spelling, etc. Small group Reading groups.
    9:45-10:30 Small group Reading Intervention Groups
    10:30-11:15  Writing; library (Tuesdays); Words Their Way
    11:30 Lunch

    12:00-1:15 Math
    1:15-1:30 Social Studies/Science (start)
                             or Cub of the Week presentation
    1:30-2:15 Specials
    1:30--2:15-Specials  **WILL CHANGE EACH QUARTER****
    2:15-3:00  Social Studies/Science continued
    3:00 Dismissal

     Cub of the Week (see scheduled week for your child on the  Cub of the Week page on left side tab)


    Wednesday-Favorite (book, toy, stuffed animal, shirt, etc.)
    Thursday-Class Interview
    Friday-Class Writes Letters to Student of the Week

    Library- Tuesdays   10:40-11:15

    We will hear a great story from Ms. Cara weekly, and then we will checkout 1 book per child. **We have made a class PROMISE to keep our library books INSIDE our backpacks at school and at home--unless we are reading them. Then, we will always put them back in the backpack. This will make sure that we all have our books on Tuesdays---so everyone can check out a book every week. I want to 'wash' these kiddos with good books! :)

    Computer Lab-

    Various days to practice computer skills.                                                                                             

                We will be practicing using our full log ins on the computers to allow us to get on our school-wide computer program for reading and math: Moby Max.  Students may also go on this website at home, so you will be receiving information soon regarding how to get your child onto the site--for more practice and work. The kids love this computer work!