•                                                                  HOME LEARNING CONTACT INFORMATION: 

     I am available via phone, via DoJo messenger, or via email to discuss you or your child's needs. I am available daily at 7:15 am-8:00 and Wednesday-Thursday after 3:00. See information below:

    Class phone:  602-467-5946

    DoJo (invites sent via email and via paper hard copy)--please sign up for Class DoJo to use as our most common communication needs.

    Email: Cindy.Schmidt@dvusd.org



    Mrs.  Schmidt's First Grade Class


    Weekly/Daily Schedule

    8:00-8:15 Breakfast in the classroom     **PLEASE HAVE CHILD IN THE ROOM by 8:00 to eat/ by 8:12 if not eating. We START school at 8:15 PROMPTLY! :) 
    8:15-8:25-Morning work/SEL
    8:25-8:45 - Reading whole group instruction
    8:45-9:15 Small group reading lessons  Specials 
    9:15- RECESS
    10:00-10:35- Writing
    10:35-11:00-MTSS Tier 2
    11:00-11:30-Science/Social Studies
    11:30-Recess & Lunch
    12:15-1:30--Math whole group and small group instruction
    1:30-2:15--Special Class (Art, P.E., or Music).  Class will be split into 2 groups, so these special classes will be smaller and more effective.
    2:15-2:48-Social Studies/Science

     Cub of the Week (see scheduled week for your child on the  Cub of the Week page on left side tab)



    Wednesday-Favorite (book, toy, stuffed animal, shirt, etc.)
    Thursday-Class Interview
    Friday-Class Writes Letters to Student of the Week

    Library- Tuesdays   10:00-10:30

    We will hear a great story from Ms. D. weekly, and then we will checkout 1 book per child.
    **We have made a class PROMISE to keep our library books INSIDE our backpacks at school and at home--unless we are reading them. Then, we will always put them back in the backpack. This will make sure that we all have our books on Tuesdays---so everyone can check out a book every week. I want to 'wash' these kiddos with good books! :)