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               Period 2 ELA 3-4 Honors-Gifted: text 81010 the message @3-4hg

               Period 3 ELA 1-2 Honors-Gifted: text 81010 the message @1-2hg 

               Periods 5-7 ELA 1-2 Honors: text 81010 the message @mrsaspaas


    Creative Writing

        Period 1: Prep

        Period 2: English Language Arts 3-4 Honors-Gifted

        Period 3: English Language Arts 1-2 Honors Gifted

        Period 5: English Language Arts 1-2 Honors

        Period 6: English Language Arts 1-2 Honors

        Period 7: English Language Arts 1-2 Honors

    Office Hours:
        My office hours vary depending on meetings. If you wish to meet, please email me! 


    Mission Statement:
    The Mission of Mountain Ridge High School is to provide real world connections within highly engaging classrooms that prepare graduates to meet the rigors and demands of 21st century global citizens.
    Summer work
     ELA 1-2 Honors and Honors-Gifted and ELA 3-4 Honors-Gifted both have summer assignments. Please click on the correct page to acces those documents. Email me if you have any questions! 


    Setting up your iPad: Setting up your iPad