• "How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live."
    -Henry David Thoreau 
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    Room F135 & C107 
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    Period 1 - Theatre 1-2 (in F135)
    Period 2 - Theatre 1-2 (in F135)
    Period 3 - ENG 101/102 (in C107)
    Period 4 - ENG 101/102 (in C107)
    **Please note that I am usually off campus for periods 5, 6 and after school! 
     Mt. Lion
    Ridge is

    T E C H  R I C H !
    To join Remind:
    Theatre 1-2:  text (510)972-1013 with the message @the12
    ENG 101/102:  text (510)972-1013 with the message @ridgedual
    Society of Female Scholars: text (510)972-1013 with the message @smartgrl
    To join Turnitin.com:
    ENG 101 & 102 period 3 class ID: TBA
    Password:  3dual18
    ENG 101 & 102 period 4 class ID: TBA
    Password: 4dual18
    To join EdPuzzle:
    Create a student account at edpuzzle.com, and then use the following codes to join:
    Theatre 1-2: hitikua
    ENG 101 & 102: daobero
    Office hours are T/Th starting from 6:45 AM in C107 or by appointment; I am also available during AcaPrep and after school on select half days, and I can hang out through 2nd lunch if necessary. Want to ace the class? This document outlines some of my policies and tips for success.