• "So what's it going to be, eh?"
          --A Clockwork Orange
    Note to AP:  Be ready for day one's quiz on either Clockwork or 22! I know I am.
  • Scream



  • Schedule:
    Per 1.  RD 180 / ELA 1-2
    Per 2.  ELA 1-2 / RD 180
    Per 3.  AP Senior Literature
    Per 4.  AP Senior Literature
    Per 6.  AP Senior Literature
    Office hours: 7:00--7:25 unless otherwise noted.
    Email: dan.sabel@dvusd.org
  • 2022 Fall parent teacher conferences sign up

    *My apologies, but I will not be able to meet after 4:10. If you would like to still have a conference, email me and I will either call you or arrange a day or time we can meet. Thank you for your understanding.