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  • Background:
    This is my 28th year as a science instructor and 23rd in Arizona.  Over my career I have enjoyed teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Wildlife Biology, Environmental Biology, AP Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and Chemistry in the Community.  As an instructor for Rio Salado College I have taught:  BIO105, BIO145, BIO160, BIO201, & BIO202.  I also taught BIO160 as part of the paramedic program at Glendale Community College.
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    Office Hours:
    Typically Tues & Weds after school; however, because of school meetings they are subject to change. When we return to in-person learning check the white board in the front of the room weekly.  
    Virtual Learning/Canvas:
    Students you will find your class in Canvas - Start Here! to gain access to labs, lecture notes, reviews, website links, and virtual lessons using Zoom.
    2020-2021 Schedule:
    Period 1: AP Environmental Biology & BIO145 Marine Biology
    Period 2: Human Anatomy & Physiology/BIO160
    Period 3: Human Anatomy & Physiology/BIO160
    Period 4: Human Anatomy & Physiology/BIO160
    Period 5: Lunch
    Period 6: Human Anatomy & Physiology/BIO160
    Period 7: Human Anatomy & Physiology/BIO160
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