Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Laura Rodi

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!
Introductions and Goals:
My name is Laura Rodi (formerly Laura Heeb), and I am very excited to be your teacher! I look forward to an amazing year filled with lots of learning, loads of fun, and making new friends. I will provide a positive, supportive and caring environment where it is safe to make mistakes, and everyone is always encouraged to try their best.  I have high expectations for all of my students, and I will make sure that every student knows how special they are. I realize the importance of the position I hold in your child's life, and I will do everything in my power to help them reach their full potential.  My goal this year is to make sure that your child loves school and develops into a strong reader, writer, and mathematician! Teaching first grade is a dream come true for me! So, please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to make this year and this partnership better for you and your child.   
Here is what your child's new schedule will look like this year (2017/2018):   

8:30 First Bell/Teacher's are on duty. *Drop-off: Students may enter the Elementary playground behind the bike racks (students should not be in the building at this time). Parents will be able to sign in on the first day if they would like to walk their child back to where we line up on the playground. After the first day, if a parent wants to accompany their child, they must first sign in at the front office, get a badge and walk them back. Students are not allowed in the building before 8:40 am unless it is a rainy day.

8:40 Second BellTime to line up on the Elementary Playground near the play equipment (I will have a sign on our first day).

8:45-9:15 Attendance, Announcements, Folders, and Morning Work-Number of the Day/Handwriting and RTI

9:15-10:15  Math Whole Group/Math Centers/ Small Group Work

10:15-10:30 Bathroom Break/Snack Time/Extra Recess when weather permits!

10:30-12:05 ELA/Daily 5/Guided Reading Groups

  • ELA Mini Lesson: Content Knowledge and Vocabulary
  • ELA Daily 5 (Word Work, Listen to Reading, Read to Self, Work on Writing) /Gudied Reading Groups
  • Mini-Lesson Phonics/Phonemic Awareness
  • 2nd ELA Daily 5/Guided Reading Groups  
  • ELA Mini Lesson/Grammar and Conventions
  • 3rd Daily 5/Reading

12:05-12:45 Recess/Lunch

12:45-1:00 Bathroom Break/Walk to Specials

1:00-1:45 Specials: Art on Mondays and Thursdays, Music on Tuesdays and Fridays, and PE on Wednesdays

1:45-2:00   Shared Reading/ Star Student/ Share Bag/Celebrations and Songs

2:00-2:30 WORDS THEIR WAY/Word Study  

2:30-3:15 Write From the Beginning (WFTB)/Science/Social Studies

3:15-3:30 Clean Up/Pack Up


Special NOTES:


**Lunch: At 12:05, the students will have recess until 12:25. At 12:25 they line up, wash their hands and go into the lunch room to eat.  If any parent would like to accompany their child at lunch, they must sign in at the front office and go to the lunch room at 12:25pm. Parents are not allowed on the playground during recess. Students may choose to either bring their lunch or buy their lunch at school every day. The school lunch menu is located on the Highland Lakes web site, and one will come home to you as well. Students lunch numbers are simply their 6 digit School ID number. I will have all of their lunch numbers on clips so they can take the clip with them to lunch in case they forget their number and want to buy. If you want to add money to their lunch account, you can visit or send a check in with them in their homework folders. You can also send them in with cash, but please make sure to put it in an envelope or ziploc bag in their folder.

***Every year, some students do not get to finish their lunch because they are not focused on eating :). This is very normal since lunch is a very exciting time! The monitors will do their best to ensure that everyone eats. I even allow them to take it back to class and finish if they did not have time (as long as this doesn't become a habit), but it would help if you have a conversation about this with them as well.  Parents are not allowed on the playground during recess.  If you have any questions about lunch accounts or menus, feel free to email me.

***Snack Time: Don't forget, due to our late lunch, we are having snack time in the morning at 10:15am. This is an optional snack time, and the snack must be sent in daily from home. I do not supply snacks, so if you think they will want one, please send in a healthy/non-messy one. No drinks except water bottles are allowed in the classroom (drinks that go with their lunches in lunch boxes are fine). 

****Afternoon Pick-Up: Students will be standing with me at the blue gate by the flag pole for  the first couple of weeks until they know their pick up routine. Please remind them (as I will), that they must stay with me until they find their family members or ride.  If you would like to drive up and not park, they can stand at the tree near the monitor on duty in front of the Kindergarten playground and waiit for you to pull up. Just make sure I am aware of this. Thanks!  

Homework Folders: Your child will be getting a school-provided blue Homework/Communication folder. This folder MUST come back to school every day. Please check their behaviior calendar nightly, and when the reading logs are in there please make sure to complete their logs every night.