2019 Promotion Packet - everything you need to know about the rest of the year. 
    high school sign
    High School Registration
    The Academic Planning Guide is the critical document that outlines everything about high school, policies, classes and graduation requirements. 
    High School Highlights Page outlines the key points and specifics for each high school in DVUSD
    Future Freshman page on the DVUSD website has all the updated information about starting high school
    Important Dates
    • Thursday, 12/6 - Mrs. Douglas-Salsbury & Mr. Strauss will be going through all high school registration paperwork in every Science class
    • Tuesday, 12/ 11 - all registration cards and the registratino print out from PowerSchools are due to Mr. Strauss for review
    • Thursday, 12/13 - Mrs. Douglas-Salisbury & Mr. Strauss will be doing the final check online to make sure all classes have been entered correctly 
    It is important that every 8th grader and their parent/guardians read the updated 18-19 Middle School Handbook.  Every student will be held accountable for all the content of this handbook which covers things such as grading, bullying, electronic devices, discipline, and promotion.  
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    Besides knowing what is happening in your classes, it is also critical for you to keep up with your grades. Mistakes do happen and so it is each student's responsibility to regularly log into PowerSchools to make sure everything is accurate and to keep up to date with your progress.

    8th Grade Schedule

    1st Period: 8:45-9:30

    2nd Period: 9:33-10:15

    3rd Period: 10:18-11:15

    4th Period: 11:18-12:15

    Lunch: 12:20-12:00

    5th Period: 1:00-2:00

    6th Period: 2:00-3:00

    DSS:  3:00-3:30