• Mr. Currier -- 4th Grade

    1st Quarter, School Year 2019-2020
    FicusTree growing up through a Stop Sign
    Welcome to the website for Scott Currier, 4th Grade Science & Social Studies teacher at Highland Lakes School.
    The shcool year is now well underway, as we enter Week 8.
    This year we have a lot of Early Release Fridays. This is a paradigm shift for all of us. There are no more 1/2 days. School days are all similar, but most of the Fridays will end 90 minutes early. Please encourage your student to stay healthy, go to school, and continue doing their best!
    Week 8
    Science: This week we're learning more about soil and doing experiments with a finer soil, and we're planting one of 6 seeds in the finer soil (radish, Rye grass, barley, corn, peas or clover). We'll also continue monitoring our terrariums, as well as our most recent experiment, we're calling Capilarry Action 2 (aka CA2). Ourterrariums are not doing too well, so we may decide to transplant our CA2 plants into the terrariums to provide them more room to grow. PLEASE continue to save egg cartons! Journals were due on Friday and grades are now posted.
    Social Studies: This week we're learning more about Arizona's Settlements & Cities. Journals will be due on Friday.

    I'll put more updates here on the the website soon.
    Please review my calendar to see our 4th grade dates. (https://www.dvusd.org/Page/7894 )
    Ms. Yahner's website link is here: https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/3209
    Ms. Nick's website link is here:  https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/3003
    I suggest making this website and the above two "favorites" of yours, to save time navigating through 4th grade. 
    A quick link: www.dvusd.org/hl-currier will be easier to access, than "domain etc" .