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    The K-6 Physical Education program at Highland Lakes Elementary is an integral part of the total education experience. The specific and unique function of Physical Education is the development of physically,mentally, emotionally and socially fit students through the medium of physical activity. A well-balanced program should offer students the opportunity to develop an acceptable level of fitness, a broad spectrum of physical skills,and the knowledge necessary to use these skills and maintain fitness for a lifetime of active participation.




    Arizona State Standards







    PE Lesson Format and Grading


    Our daily lesson plan is broken down into three major areas.In each of these areas we include activities that develop skills and concentrate on elements that coincide with each other.



    1. Introductory Activity (3-5 min.) Students engage in an activity that prepares them for fitness.
    2. Fitness 6-10 min.) During the fitness portion of the lesson, the body will be stressed in order to develop qualities of physical fitness – strength, flexibility, and cardio.
    3. Lesson Focus (20-30 min.) The purpose is to carry out the objectives of the Physical Education program.


      1. Clothing: In the interest of safety, bare feet are never acceptable. Closed shoes are to be worn for any type of physical activity, such as physical education etc. Wear soft sole, closed shoes with socks: i.e. tennis shoes on PE days. Shoelaces must be tightened and tied, not tucked. Sandals are not permitted. Girls should wear shorts underneath dresses or skirts. Please have your child dress in comfortable, functional clothing for PE days. Proper clothing is essential for safety, participation, and individual achievement. Jewelry shall not be worn to PE if it presents a safety hazard to self and/or others. This will also help to eliminate the possibility of lost or broken items. Daily participation will be at the discretion of the PE instructor. Thank you for your assistance in helping to make Highland Lakes PE program a successful and safe one for everyone involved.




      1. Excuses: If students cannot participate for a medical reason, a note from home will excuse him/her for that day. A doctor’s note is required if the student is to be excused for a period longer than a week. Students may be required to participate in class in an inactive capacity. Please make sure that the excuse has the student’s first and last name, date(s) to be excused, and reason for excuse.





    Fun Activities for the Family



    • Hiking Thunderbird Park (Phoenix is loaded with mountain trails to hike)
    • Piestewa Peak
    • Shaw Peak




    • YMCA  (59th Ave / Greenway)





    The best part of fitness is having fun !!!!