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     Coach Dunn video

    For the first 9 weeks of this school year we will be following the lessons of Coach Williams. He has set up easy to follow lessons that will require each of you to actively participate in short PE related activities each day. ALL of these lessons will be found on my CANVAS page. There is a LINK to my canvas page below. 


    ZOOM - Our zoom meetings will consists of a quick check in on the days you are scheduled for my class. I will answer any questions you may have during this time. You can also email me questions if you desire - jed.dunn@dvusd.org

    You will have PLENTY of time to complete these PE assignments- I will give you the vast majority of the 2 hour block class to work on the PE assignments. 


    I will be checking my email several times throughout the day and will reply back as soon as I read the email. 



    Click here for Canvas log on page