• October 31st - November 10th


    All students will begin each class with an increase of distance now.  They will start running a 6 backstop distance. Students will participate in running on a daily basis. We will continue to increase distance up to 3 laps so we are ready for our Mile Run Pre-Test which will be in a few weeks. 

    Students will begin Football activities.  Football tag, Football passing, and different activities to continue practicing and developing throwing and catching.  Students will participate in a lead up game called Quadrant Football later in the week. 

    Students will be outside for 2 weeks.  They need to dress for the weather and sun.  Bring sunglasses, hat, water bottle, etc.

  • Welcome to Physical Education!!!
    Phone#- 602-467-6532
    email- kim.hahn@dvusd.org
    Desert Sky students!
    The locker rooms will not be used for dressing out this school year.  We recommend you dress for activity on your PE days. Bring smiles, show your Top 20 Skills, and always put forth your best effort in all activities!
    Phone # 602-467-6532
    email: kim.hahn@dvusd.org
    Class Schedule On Campus
    Period Times      Class Name
    1st   8:15 - 9:12   P.E.
    2nd  9:15 - 10:06   P.E.
    3rd  10:09 - 11:00   P.E.
    FLASH 11:03- 11:33   INTERVENTION
    4th  12:06 - 1:12   P.E.
    5th   1:15-2:06   PREP
    6th  2:09-3:00   P.E.