• Welcome to Physical Education!!!
     7th and 8th grade Physical Education class.  Students will come dressed and ready to participate in various activities. 

    What do you need? We REQUEST all students  to wear a PE Uniform which includes a Grey t-shirt and Black shorts and/or leggings.  Ordering recommended PE uniform will be made available online beginning July 26th!

    Bring your smiles, Top 20 Skills, and do your very best!

    Team Sports, Individual Sports, and Cooperative Activities.

    Now let's get moving!

    Phone#- 602-467-6532
    email- kim.hahn@dvusd.org 
    Meetings can be scheduled in
    the morning if needed. 
    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    HR/1st     8:15 - 9:12 Prep
    2nd 9:16 - 10:08 P.E.
    3rd 10:12 - 11:04 P.E.
    4th 11:42 - 12:34 P.E.
    5th 1:12 - 2:04 P.E.
    6th 2:08 - 3:00