• January 4th - January 20th


    All students will begin each day with a warm up, followed by some type of cardio (running an outdoor lap, bus run, up/downs, snakepit, etc) which will help increase heart rate.  My students will be located in the gym for the first 3 weeks of 3rd quarter.


    We will begin basketball skills and participate in lead up basketball type games that will focus on shooting, dribbling, passing, defending, and working together as a team.  Students will work on dribbling with dominant and nondominant hand, ball handling skills, shooting on target, and moving body to defend (block shots).

    Students will play the following games:

    Organized Chaos

    Around the Gym Knockout


    Fridays will be spent focusing on Fitness.  All classes will come together where they will participate in activities that target:  Increased Heart Rate, strengthening muscles, and overall improvement of fitness levels.

    Students will complete Fitness testing during this 1st month back to school as well.  These tests include:


    Pacer Test

    Mile Run Test

    Push ups Test 

    Sit ups Test

  • Welcome to Physical Education!!!
    Phone#- 602-467-6532
    email- kim.hahn@dvusd.org
    Desert Sky students!
    The locker rooms will not be used for dressing out this school year.  We recommend you dress for activity on your PE days. Bring smiles, show your Top 20 Skills, and always put forth your best effort in all activities!
    Phone # 602-467-6532
    email: kim.hahn@dvusd.org
    Class Schedule On Campus
    Period Times      Class Name
    1st   8:15 - 9:12   P.E.
    3rd   10:12 - 11:04   P.E.
    4th 11:38 - 12:38   P.E.
    5th 12:42 - 1:34   P.E
    6th  1:38 - 2:30   P.E.
    FLASH   2:30 - 3:00