• Overview


    Classroom Objective:


    This classroom will be providing supplemental learning for math in a structured learning environment.  Additional assistance may be provided in the general education classrooms.  This year, I will be teaching math from the District's approved math supplemental program, Do The Math.


    Classroom Rules and Consequences:

    • Adhere to "PARK" Rules.
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    • Be respectful to staff and peers.
    • Be prepared for class.
    • Be responsible for your materials and your own work area.
    • Participate and always give your best effort.
    • Follow all Park Campus and District rules.



    Because we are a technology rich campus, we will continue to use technology as a learning tool. Electronic devices will be integrated into the curriculum to reinforce critical thinking, collaboration, and cognitive engagement. Technology devices will be distributed by their classroom teachers.