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    Welcome to Mr. Elliott's 7th Grade Social Studies and Family & Consumer Science
    Thank you for all your support & appreciation, I very much enjoy your cooperation as together we help shape your childs future.    

    NOTE TO PARENTS: Students are not permitted to send or receive text messages during school. All students are required to have an outside reading book with them everyday.

    PARENTS: if you have a concern please email me so we can communicate and resolve it. 

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    Course Description: Seventh grade Social Studies will encompass US History after the War of 1812, through the 19th Century, through to the Great Depression, with some limited background on the Constitution, as well as Geography and Economics. Students will utilize a variety of pedagogical strategies to delve deeply into content learning by doing, reading, discussing, debating, researching and writing. Coursework will consist of both individual and collaborative work, vocabulary, drawing/visualizing, with both formative and summative assessments, written and oral.

     Attendance: Students are expected to attend all classes prepared and equipped. When absent, students will use the College-Buddy system (to be set by me in August) to keep abreast of class progress. Each student will select a primary and secondary buddy to communicate with outside of school when absent and with whom they will reciprocate.

     Academic Integrity: Please see the Student Handbook for policy on plagiarism, students are expected to respect the laws of copyright and academic honesty. In addition, cheating is another area of academic integrity students must observe guidelines regarding roving eyes, talking or communicating during assessments, cheat sheets, open books, notes, materials, phones, and/or the use of electronics without explicit teacher approval and other forms of observed cheating. Each incident will be referred to the administration.

     Classwork: Students will be required to maintain a notebook retaining all handouts and tests. Neat, orderly, well organized notes will help to facilitate academic success, combined with appropriate study habits.

     Communication: Students are expected to record all assignments, assessments, and due dates in their planner. Parent/teacher signatures may be required of some depending on the student’s organizational capabilities. Additionally, teachers may call or send emails or written forms of correspondence in order to facilitate communication.

     Projects:  Additionally, students should anticipate sporadic homework in order to complete speeches, projects, discussion questions, vocabulary, grammar, and writing assignments. 

     Assessments:  Students are expected to prepare for all assessments and contact the instructor if additional tutoring is needed to achieve mastery. Retakes are conditional upon the conditions set out in the retake contract which is a carry over from 6th grade. For example, in order to retake an assessment on the Civil War, students will be required to have completed any and all projects and assignments pertaining to that unit. Additionally, retakes must occur outside of class time, before or after school and within a week of the end of the unit. Students cannot at the pending close of quarterly grades suddenly decide to retake assessments. 

    Grading Weights: unit tests=50%, projects= 30%, classwork= 20%.

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    7)      New window opens with icon of our textbook; click on icon to open digital book.

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