• Newsletter for March 20-24

    March 20-24 Fifth Grade Assignments

    Monday- Reading M8C2D5 Gen. Vocab., Rdg WS myBook Elisa’s Diary; Writing- Lyrical Poems M8-D15 Editing I Grammar and Usage; SS- King Andrew Jackson-4-24 Finish Slides

    Tuesday – Reading M8-C2-D6 Assessment; Amplify; Writing M8-D16 Editing II Proofreading; SS-4-25 Letter to CongressWednesday –Reading- M8C3D1 Spelling, Rdg WS with vocab. MyBook: Inside Out and Back Again; Writing- M8-D17 Publishing; SS- 4-26 Overland Trails

    Thursday –Reading- M8C3D2 Vocab. Strategy, Rdg. WS with Vocab., Writing- District School City DBQ-Writing/SS; SS- 4-27 The War With Mexico Friday-Reading- M8C3D3 decoding, Generative Vocab., Rdg WS myBook Inside Out and Back Again –Inferences/Theme; Writing- Share Lyrical Poems/rubrics-feedback; SS- 4-28 Manifest Destiny

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  • Newsletter for March 6-10

         5th Grade Assignments this week


    Monday- Reading- M8C1D1- Overview of new module 8, Rdg. WS with Vocab./Theme, Get Curious then M8C1D2-myBook From Scratch; Writing: Spelling List #23 M8D10 Drafting IV Poetic Techniques; SS 4-22 The Indian Removal Act

    Tuesday –Reading-M8C2D2 Rdg. WS myBook A Movie in my Pillow; Writing-M8-D11 Revising I Using Descriptive Words; SS 4-23 Trail of Tears

    Wednesday –Reading-M8C2D3 Decoding; Rdg. WS myBook Elisa’s Diary; Writing-M8-D12 Grammar: Adverbs; SS 4-24 King Andrew

    Thursday –FIELD DAY 8:50-10:40  Writing-M8-D13 Revising II Conferencing; SS-  4-25 Letter to Congress

    Friday – Reading- M8C2 D4 Vocab. Strategies, Rdg WS; Writing- M8-D14 Revising III Incorporating Feedback; ‘SS- 4-26

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  • Newsletter for Feb. 27-Mar. 3

    February 27- March 3rd

    5th Grade Assignments

    Monday- Reading- M7-C1-D4 Vocab., Rdg. WS myBook- Into the Unknown; Spelling list #22, Writing-M8-D5 Drafting Part I- poetry; SS-4-16 Inventions Part 3; Math-Lesson 17&18 Relate Decimal/Fraction Multiplication; Science-124 Unit Wrap Up

    Tuesday Reading- M7-C2-D5 Rdg. WS, Amplify; Writing- M8-D6 Drafting II- developing your poem; SS – 4-18 Industrial Workers; Math- Lesson 19 Convert Measures with Whole Numbers; Science-125 Time Keeper Challenge Part 1 and 2

    Wednesday –Reading M7-C2-D6 Assessment/check for understanding; M8-D7 Drafting III Features of Poetry; SS- 4-19 Industrial Revolution; Math-Lesson 20 Convert Mixed Unit Measures; Science- Review Earth, Moon, Star, Solar System

    Thursday –Reading- M7-C2-D1 Decoding, Spelling, Rdg. WS- my Book Great Discoveries and Amazing Adventures; Writing- M8-D8 Grammar: Adjectives; SS- 4-20 The Nation Begins to Divide; Math-Review and Quiz; Science- Review Earth, Moon, Star and Solar System

    Friday – Reading- M7-C2-D2; Context Clues, Vocab.; Reading WS; Writing- M8-D9 Grammar: Adjectives and Linking Verbs; SS-4-21 Age of Jackson; Science-District Science Assessment


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  • Newsletter for Feb.13-17

    Monday- Reading- M6-C3-D4 Rdg. WS w/Vocab.; Writing-Informative District School City Assessment; SS- 4-13 The Monroe Doctrine

    Tuesday- Valentine’s Celebration; M6-C3-D5 Reading Workshop- Vocabulary; Amplify; 4-14 The Industrial Revolution

    Wednesday- Reading- M6 C3; Writing-M7-17 Publishing/Presenting our Invention/Inventor Papers!; SS- Industrial Revolution-Inventions Part I

    Thursday- Reading- M7-C1-D1-myBook- A Few Who Dared; Writing: Publishing/Presenting our Invention/Inventor Papers! SS: 4-16 Inventions Part 2

    Friday- Reading- M7-C1-D2 Reading Into the Unknown-Reading Workshop; Writing-Finalizing Publishing/ Presenting; SS-Inventions 4-17 Part 3


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  • Newsletter for Feb 6-10

    February 6-10- Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday- M6-C2-D5; Generative; Rdg. WS; Writing M7-D11; Math- Expressions with word problems; SS  4-9 Sagagawea; Science-The Moon Shapes; SS- After Lewis & Clark- westward expansion

    Tuesday-M6-C2-D6 Assessment, Amplify/ Writing- M7-D12 Grammar-Adverbs; SS- 4-10 War of 1812; Science-Learning the Phases:  Math-Expressions with parentheses;

    Wednesday- M6-C3-D1 Spelling; Rdg. WS- Phillis’ Big Test; Writing M7-D13 Editing I; SS; 4-11 Who were Adams and Onis and what did their treaty mean to our country?: Math: Fraction Word Problems; Science-Moon Phases I;

    Thursday-M6-C3-D2- Vocabulary Strategy-Rdg. WS.; Writing; M7-D14 Peer Proofreading; SS- 4-12 The Star Spangled Banner; Math: Review & Assessment for Science- Moon Phases II

    Friday-M6-C3-D3 Vocab./Rdg. Workshop; Amplify Readinng; Writing; M7-D15- developing a Bibliography; Math: Multiply Unit and Fractions: Science: Wandering Stars; Social Studies: 4:13 The Monroe Doctrine;

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