• Newsletter for Dec. 5-9

    Monday-  Rdg.-M4-C3-D4 Vocab., Rdg. WS; Writing-M4-D8 Drafting II; SS- 3-16 Ratifying the ConstitutionTuesday- Rdg.-M4-C3-D5 Rdg. WS; Writing- M4-D9; SS- 3-17 Bill of Rights Part 1Wednesday- Rdg.-M4-C3-D6 Assessment; Writing- M4-D10 Grammar; SS- 3-18 Bill of Rights Part II

    Thursday-Rdg.-M5-C1-D1 Spelling, Vocab. New There-Project Earth, Rdg WS; Writing-M4-D11 Revising I; 3-19 Bill of Rights Part III

    Friday-Rdg. M5-C1-D2 Rdg. WS w/Vocab.;Writing-M4-D12 Grammar; SS- Junior Achievement #11

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  • Newsletter for November 28-Dec. 2

    This week’s ELA/SS Assignments

    Monday- Reading: M4-C2-D5 Vocab.; Rdg. WS; Writing: M4-D4; SS: 3-16-Ratifying the Constitution

    Tuesday- Reading: M3-C2-D6 Assessment; Writing: M4-D5 Draft I- Parts of a Letter; SS- 3-17 Bill of Rights Part I

    Wednesday- Reading: M4-C3-D1 Spelling; Rdg. WS w/Vocab.; Writing:  M4-D6 On Demand Prompt; SS- 3-18 Bill of Rights Part II

    Thursday-Reading- M4-C3-D2 Vocab., Rdg W.S. myBook: Daily Life Pioneer Family 1890; Writing: M4-D7 Drafting I; SS- Bill of Rights Part III

    Friday-Reading- M4-C3-D3 Vocab.; Rdg. WS; Writing: M4-D8 Drafting II; SS- Junior Achievement Lesson #10

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  • Newsletter for November 14-18

    Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday-  Reading: M4C2D1 MyBook Why Go West? Spelling, Redg WS w/ Vocab.; Writing M3D17 Opinion Presentations! SS: 3-12 Tyranny Part 3

    Tuesday- Reading: M4C2D2 Vocab., Rdg. WS; Writing: Opinion Presenations; SS-3-13 Tyranny Part 4

    Wednesday- Reading: M4C2D3 Vocab., Rdg. WS; Writing: M4-D1 Priming the Students- Informative Letter; SS- 3-14 Federalist and Anti-Federalists

    Thursday- Reading: M4C2D4 Rdg. WS-vocab. MyBook Homesteading; Writing: M4-D2 Reading the Focal Text; SS: 3-15 Fed./Anti-Fed Part 2     5th Grade Thanksgiving Celebration 1:30-2:15 J

    Friday- Reading: M4C2D5 Vocab; Rdg. WS; Writing: M4 D3 Vocabulary; SS- Junior Achievement Lesson #9

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  • November 7-11 Newsletter

                         Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday- Reading-M4C1D3 Vocab. Homophones/Homographs, Rdg. WS-Central Idea; Writing- M3-D15 Editing II-Grammar; SS- 3-9 Federalism

    Tuesday- Reading-M4C1D4 Rdg. WS; Writing- District School City Persuasive Assessment; SS- 3-10 Tyranny I

    Wednesday- Reading-M4C1D5 Rdg. WS/Vocab. Author’s Craft; Writing- M3-D16 Editing III  Grammar, Usage, Mechanics; SS 3-11 Tyranny II

    Thursday- Reading- M4C1D6 Assessment; Writing-M3-D17 Publish Persuasives, Start Presentations, Spelling Test, Junior Achievement-Lesson #8 Starting a Business


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  • Newsletter for October 31- Nov. 4

                        This Weeks Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday- Reading-M3C3D6 Assessment; Writing- M3 D11 Completing the Draft; SS- 3-7 The Supreme Court

    Tuesday- Reading-M3C1D1- Spelling/HW, Vocab. Rdg. WS; Writing- M3 D12 Revising I Elaboration/Organization; SS- 3-8 How a Bill Becomes a Law

    Wednesday- Reading-M4C1D2 Rdg. WS-Synthesize; Writing- M3 D13 Revising II Incorporating Feedback; SS- 3-9 Federalism

    Thursday- Reading-M4C1D3 Vocab.-homophones/homographs, Rdg WS- Central Idea; Writing- M3- D14 Editing I Grammar Usage, Mechanics; SS- 3-10 Tyranny Part 1

    Friday-Spelling Test-10; Reading M4C1D4 Vocab.-prefixes/suffixes, Rdg. WS- Author’s Craft, myBook: Explore the Wild West; Writing- M3D15 Editing II Grammar, Usage, Mechanics; SS- Junior Achievement Lesson #7


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