• Newsletter for November 30-Dec. 4

    November 30th-December 4th- Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday- Vocabulary, Reading Workshop; Writing- Overview; Grammar SS- Expanding the Nation

    Tuesday- Reading Workshop, Amplify; Writing- Editing II; SS- Louisiana Purchase

    Wednesday- HMH Assessment; Writing-Publishing; SS- Lewis and Clark Explore

    Thursday-Decoding, Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading Workshop; Writing- Overview-Priming; SS- Lewis and Clark Project

    Friday-Reading Workshop with Vocabulary, Amplify; Writing- Focal Text; SS- Lewis and Clark Project

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  • Newsletter for November 16-20

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  • Newsletter for Week of November 9-13

    November 9-13th Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday- Decoding, Vocabulary, Reading Workshop with Vocab.; Writing: Drafting a Letter- Part 1; Review of Parts of the Constitution/ Balance of PowersTuesday- Vocabulary; Reading Workshop, Amplify; Writing-Drafting II; SS-Ratifying the Constitution


    Thursday-Decoding, Vocabulary; Reading Workshop; Writing-Completing the Draft; SS-Bill of Rights

    Friday-Spelling Test-4, Reading Workshop with Vocab., Amplify; Writing-Grammar; SS- Write your own Preamble

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  • Newsletter for November 2-6th

    November 2-6th Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday-  Reading Workshop with Vocabulary; Reading the Focal Text; SS- A System of Checks and Balances

    Tuesday- Decoding, Vocabulary, Reading Workshop; Writing-Vocabulary; SS-Election Day!

    Wednesday- Vocabulary, Reading Workshop; Amplify; Prewriting: Task, Audience, and Purpose; SS-Federalism

    Thursday-Reading Workshop w/ Vocab., Anchor Charts- Author’s Craft, Draft 1: Parts of a Letter; SS-Federalism and Anti-Federalists

    Friday-Spelling Test-3, Week 1/Mod. 4 HMH Assessment, Leveled Readers; Writing: On Demand Quick Write; SS-Making Amendments

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  • Newsletter and Assignments for October 26th

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