• y Welcome to 6th Grade Math g
    Quick Link to Canvas-Students, you can try this link out to see the learning platform we will be using next week.  Nothing new will be added until next week, but at least you can see what it looks like!
    This year we will be learning:
    • Geometry:  Area, Surface Area, and Volume
    • Ratios and Proportional Relationships
    • Arithmetic Operations Including Division of Fractions
    • Rational Numbers
    • Expressions and Equations
    • Statistics and Probability

    Use the links to the left to find your homework and cool math links for activities (games) that you can play.


     Try these out too... 
    Online Math Book-Click here to access you math book online.
    Khan Academy Lessons-Use your google account to sign in and find the matching lessons for what we are doing in class.
    Core 1:  Class Code-FYWXKRAM
    Core 2:  Class Code-U2VDJWZS
    DVUSD Start Page  Use this for DreamBox-Directions below!
    -Start at my web page.
    -At the bottom there is a link that says DVUSD Start Page
    -Once at that page, look for a tile that say "Portal.dvusd.org"
    -Sign/log in.
    -Then at the lower left select the button that says "more."
    -Then look for a tile that say "DreamBox."
    -It will not open, unless you select the open button (at least on school computers.)
    Prodigy Math Game-- Use your Google username and password!  Make your user name your first name, last initial.  Get the class code from me.  Class Code- 300914